A Nation Without Hope Is A Nation Without Tomorrow

The dreams of young men what can they be? In a world filled with tempests of despair the only luxury now is our ability to dream. The pleasantries of our existence are void leaving so many languishing in desperation hoping for some of their dreams to come true. But, in reality their hopes and dreams too often just face away.

The reoccurring nightmares of the travesties that are all around have always erased whatever hopes they have had. Now, we find ourselves in the twilight of man’s existence, though some still think humanity will survive. Even now and again there are fleeting moments of jubilation that just may give hope that all is not futile.

How can we be sure in a world that is constantly changing that whatever hopes an dreams we have won’t evaporate into thin air? The inflationary trends that have only exasperated living today have out paced the livelihoods of millions. For years the public has been defenseless against the all too powerful syndicate that our government has morphed into.

As the pages of time turn the weariness that precludes frustration have taken their toll. The enormity of perplexing human events have always altered the desired outcomes we always tried to achieve. The outcomes continue to favor a select few tipping the balance of society. It is the outcome that has destabilized and profoundly deters ones ability to ever reach that ladder of upward mobility.

The United States is ripe with spineless political posturing while the country is in a tailspin of prolonged decay. For decades the country has seen the levels of opportunity for millions wither and die on the vines of corruption that has been allowed to spread. Where there was once hope and opportunity all that remains today is a land barren where dreams are lost and hopes have died.

The juggernaut of political expediency continues ignoring the plight of millions. Where there is so little hope of salvation from the powers that be stands as a testament to the increasing compliancy of government. A wall of indifference of government who by virtue of their position remain self serving. Self serving in a bureaucracy that cares not for the general publics welfare. This is what we as a nation face today.

The harsh reality now is so many are seeking ways to recover some semblance of a quality of life that somehow equates to a time long since past. A time when inflation was kept in check and disposable incomes eased the financial burdens of many. A time when governmental intrusion and mandates were rarely imposed. A far cry from today.

Can we as a society recover from the greatest erosion of our basic core principles of our founding? Justice, Liberty, Morality and Education have all succumbed to political correctness and corruption of government. To save this nation there has to be a unified effort first to realize how far we have fallen then implement a plan of direction for long term stability and progress. A plan of direction for this nation is something this country hasn’t had since John F. Kennedy. The future is in our hands. We must not remain complacent and allow this nation to fall apart. We owe it to our ancestors and our Founding Fathers to act.


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