ASUS N61JQ-X1 16-Inch Entertainment Laptop Review

Specifications: If you are someone who watches lots of HD videos, often play games or work with lots of graphics, it is best to get a laptop that is best suited for those purposes. Although the average laptop models will be able to perform those tasks, the will be lots of frequent system lags of hangs as a result of system overload.

The new ASUS N61JQ-X1 is a great example of laptop that is geared towards entertainment. ‘Video’ and ‘Audio’ are two of the main keywords in this model. This model is powered by a very powerful Intel Core i7-720QM 2.8Ghz processor. It has 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 320GB hard drive.

The 16-inch screen is of course, a HD display and is backed by the very competent ATI 5730 graphics card. It has 1GB of VRAM dedicated to graphics. The audio on this laptop is also very noteworthy. It has a set of SRS Premium Sound speakers (from Altec Lansing) and it also comes with the Asus SonicMaster feature that greatly enhances the sound quality of the speakers (paper-foam cones). This model runs on the Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS.

Design: The 16-inch sports a rather subdued and minimalist design. There is an air of silent ‘classiness’ to it. It measures at 15.4 x 10.6 x 1.5 inches and weigh in at 6.5 pounds. It would make an excellent desktop replacement model.

Features & Performance: That’s to its very impressive specs set, there is nothing that you can’t do on the ASUS N61JQ-X1. Whether it is running heavy applications, heavy multi-tasking or playing graphic-heavy games, this model performed flawlessly. Some of the standard features that come with it include a 2MP webcam, a HDMI port, wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity. At the time of writing, the ASUS N61JQ-X1 is price at around $999 per unit.


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