IBD Live QA Summary, Key Stock Lists For Wednesday, March 24, 2021

to the entire IBD Live International Team from Minneapolis – Good Morning! Worry or wonderment for a mid-week wake up? Happy Hump Day Scott! Ticker ACDC. Lets hope the market is back in the black today “Back in Black” would be good Mark Ha. Great tune! GM, folks! AC/DC returns Can you explain CAN SLIM today and comment on TSLA? thanks We a lot of info on our methodology at Good morning. GM Taher That is some rough music for this early in the morning Hi Aziz! Chris and I are planning some jazz, classical, and more! Morning from sunny Miami, Florida! Morning Jose! Now that the cyclicals & old ecomony stocks have backed off are there any other sectors moving in a positive direction ? Doesn’t it feel like a rotation day in, day out? Very tricky market waters right now Greetings from the Carolina Coast. Hope it is a good day for the market. Hi Dave! Back in Black? Too soon. Wait for SPY 400….lol Fair point! Not too far off, a 2.7% rise away. TDOC – is it setting up ? Still near its lows, well off highs, below moving averages. This stock needs a lot of work. Highly valued growth names have struggled. The big coronavirus plays – ZM/PTON/TDOC – are not doing well right now. ACDC is breaking out this morning! Ha! Audience gets ACDC three days in a row this week 😉 Ali’s in the Void! (From the Good Place) 😉 Haha, I only saw the first season of that show and it’s been a while! Ali – Solid green looks fine! Is it Kermit’s birthday today? That would be worth celebrating Great Music !!! That’s what I’m Talking About !!! Good Job whoever picked it out. Good Luck with the show !!! Ali knows her hard rock Good morning: I do not have apple computer. I do not know how to copy ready list to marketsmith using PC computer.Where I can find the article? Thank you How do I import stock lists into MarketSmith? To Copy: Select symbols from the appropriate spreadsheet column and hit CTRL+C (Command+C on a Mac) on your keyboard. To Paste: In the List Manager, highlight the list you would like to copy the symbols into and hit CTRL+V (Command+V on a Mac) to paste. The copied symbols will now appear in List Contents along with the existing ones for that list. Pasting Into Sorted Lists: If new items are pasted into a list that is already sorted, then those items will be integrated into the list according to the existing sort. To see all newly pasted symbols together, re-sort on the # column. New symbols will appear at the bottom of the list, highlighted and grouped.” Been longtime in TTD, bought more on the dip but is it forming a base here? Hi Stephen, it sure is. But it’s interesting, the stock has been making its deepest correction since the early 2020 coronavirus market crash. I think it reflects major changes imposed by Alphabet on third-party cookies. For now, it would be bullish to see TTD continue to gain ground and hold above its long-term 200-day moving average. Possibly, this story may offer insight? — “I was having the same issue. Out IT team gave me this link: what is the best way to search for a past big picture article say one in 1987 Hi Frank, have you tried the search box on ? We have enhanced that search function. However, I do not know if the database keeps stories that long ago. Dave Speaking of HOME. They reported earnings. Actionable.? Stock is falling – after being up sharply overnight. HOME is still extended form a buy point. Make sure that you watch yesterday’s “stock market today” where ED explained extremely well that you may be able to make money but for sure there are better times. It is about your “psyche. thank you, well stated Agreed, Sami! LRCX and KLAC are looking good. Thoughts? LRCX has been so impressive, Jeffery. Shame on Hat Man for selling this one way too early. Such a well run business. Big presence in Japan, so this means Lam is getting excellent talent. Solid FY 2021 eps estimate at $24.99, up 57%; but for now a slowdown in growth expected. Great breakout in early Nov. at 382.06. New base now; will it be as good? D+ Accumulation/Distribution Rating for now. Cheers, Dave. any news on China stocks like JD, BIDU, BABA, PDD TCEHY had earnings. Tencent trades over the counter in the U.S. I think earnings were good, but I didn’t dig into that. Also – looks like China wants internet firms to share the personal data with the government. GM from Cape Cod. Nice clean air this morning. Temps may hit 60 today. Sunny Nice. Temps may hit 70 here! OLO possible ipo base building (mobile ordering platform for wingstop etc). trading tightly Hi Darren, thanks for noting OLO! Yes, interesting fundamentals here, average top line growth of 94% in the past 4 qtrs; I’m eager to see what the actual quarterly nmbrs are. Let’s see how an IPO base potentially forms. Cheers, Hat Man Dave — and why did S&P 500 add a distribution day? was 6 yesterday, 7 today. We saw higher NYSE volume on a total basis Tue vs Mon, Mike, and given the 0.8% decline, it’s a clear distribution. On MarketSmith, if you type in zero-SP5L you’ll see a chart with the total NYSE turnover vs. NYSE-listed volume figures for zero-S&P5. Dave — This is a weak crazy market….better off doing no trading Tricky too Phil GM, Are big tech back in play with all the uncertainty going on in the market ?? live answered how about GLW – any positive in the chart ? This one got brought up by Justin a few times in the past. I like its action in 2021. Frank, notice how it stabs the 50-day MA lately, but gets support. — Elon Musk – you can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin and they will not be converting the funds to fiat. Another bullish case for Bitcoin !! Makes sense, Steven! “Good Morning Everyone! With economy opening up and sentiment changing towards the growth stocks, very slowly, from cyclicals, please comment or analyze the following growth companies: ABNB APPS QFIN RBLX TSLA I am a holder of all of them, but want to add more and I am not sure if the pull back/correction has run its course. Please advise. Thank you” Solid list here Payam; week to week, assess each stock’s chart action and see which ones are acting stronger vs. the market. All of these are now in various bases. If the pullback runs its course, then these names and others should be completing bases and ready to break out. to Team – can we review NFE? Interesting article in IBD “Breakout Stocks” column yesterday. Thanks! (alive in Mpls) Yes, thanks Scott; perhaps one to bring up on Friday. What happened to Chris? Justin is out this week so he’s focused on SwingTrader zim- is a good example of having sell rules, even selling 1/2 going into earnings. A hairpin curve back to the 22.68 entry point in a narrow IPO base, surely. to the Team – HOME was up after hours yesterday on the good quarterly report; this morning it is dropping – down 5% to around $29 Yeah, that didn’t go well. Ali: TOS is different than MktSmith on drawing tools. TOS you click then release and drag the cursor to draw the lines. In MS you hold the click and drag … Yes, I need to work on that for sure!! thank you 🙂 Chris: Thank you. But that is for MAC not for PC. Do you have copy for PC? Thank you That was for my PC. Did it not work to for you? Hi Friends, is Joe Fahmy coming on today?? Next Wednesday! WSM big drop. LB stock, any news on this? Not a big drop considering the huge move it’s had in the past few days. A pullback here is normal and frankly was highly likely. But looking great. ADBE?? live answered what are the thoughts on ZI The recent pop up is encouraging, Annie! It seems the stock wants to set up again after trying to break out past a 53.18 entry. Currently, the stock has fallen 31% from its 60.28 recent peak; that falls within the normal parameters for a cup with handle. Thanks for pointing this one out. Cheers, Hat Man Dave — Irusha – nice analogy! taking after Econ Ed As much as I’d like to say I invented analogies, there are a lot of clever folks here at IBD. Want an analogy from Ed, let’s talk about TSLA. ;-D Don’t have an analogy, but it’s the same story – TSLA has been hitting resistance at its falling 21-day line. Far below its 50-day line. A lot of highly valued growth stocks look this way, so I don’t think TSLA looks unusually weak for that segment. For those that don’t use social media, is there an IBD Live email address for suggested questions or FAQ topics? Just post your requests here. What’s happening to QFIN?? Think it has strength to come up again? I’m holding since it’s a sector leader. Not one I would be holding in this market. What is your exit strategy? Please analyze XLE. I wish it came down a little more orderly. It came down quick, which is why today’s reversal is still below the 21-day. Look at the 2/3 reversal. TME? live answered What did David Ryan mean by qqq wedging? And why is that negative? Rising in lower volume after selling off in higher volume. Thank you Chris for your valuable comments the lesson today. Thank you! what is chris’s ticker for hedge I short the Nasdaq futures. where did he hedge? I started hedging on Feb. 10 because the market was extended. hedging/buying options for tax advantage, is this topic covered in FAQ? Not specifically about the tax angle, but there are a number of hedging links. Chris when holding for a long term capital gain how much of a loss can you take until holding is costing you money. That’s what the hedge is for. It locks in my gain. Ed, is that a Gessel Rally or a Ryan wedge? 😉 Hah! amat??? Looking great but extended from the 10-week. We put in on SwingTrader last week. I’LL chip in to pay for your vacation Chris!!! Let’s crowd-fund this right now!!! Is there a way to find base stages, prefer stage one, Like the breakaway gap button does in MS, but that is only growth 250? I tried to customize the view, but it does not give a option for daily base type or daily base stage. This would be great. I saw a Panaray demo that does this, but cannot find a way to do it in MS. We’re going to add that functionality later in the year. In the meantime, RS Blue Dot is the best way to find emerging leaders. This list showed a lot of the rotation plays before it was obvious. Any news on VIPS? Seems like another casualty of the China personal data news. ARK has been unloading TME off late Because of outflows or they no longer like the company? But that news has been out for several days, so why is it going down today after a huge up move in the last few days? Good point; we’ll have to look more into this. TME Calls? If you think the news today will not continue to weigh on the stock, it’s a good way to keep your risk defined. That’s the law in China that when government (CCP) asks for personal information from any organizations and companies, they have to hand over those info to their government. live answered All Chinese stocks, we have been looking at with IBD, are not doing well. Would TME be part of that now, being a Chinese stock? Exactly Ginette, great point; I think Ed’s sharing of that news has investors concerned about the China e-commerce companies. TCEHY is falling further below its 50-day MA. JD is trying to bottom out at its 200-day moving average. BABA still shows a weak RS line, treading beneath its 50- and 200-day lines. Thank you DC! You got it Payam! I don’t understand the WSM phenomenon. Everyone is dying to get out to restaurants, etc. Why would people buy more pots, pans and rugs? Joanna, I think management made a strong case that consumers are ready, after the experience of covid, to welcome friends and families back into their homes and entertain. This means refreshing their decor, furniture. Surely, home furnishings is a big market. However, Williams-Sonoma says it’s one of the 25 largest companies in ecommerce globally. Surprising, right? Coronavirus drove a lot of traffic to its online stores — West Elm, Pottery Barn, PB Teen, PB Kids, Williams-Sonoma. One more interesting thing I learned on the conference call: they are encouraging customers via a loyalty program to shop across all of their brands. Dave WLK up 3%, what are your thoughts on it finding support? That’s a positive, still below the buy point. If you held through Tue., you could try to see if WLK can rebound more powerfully. But you could also decide to take advantage of the bounce to get out. Depends on your conviction/purchase price/size of position etc. any suggestions on what to do with my long term leader tech stocks that are still at 50% profit range? Hi Fotini, you’ve got a great profit cushion! If the fundamentals remains strong, you might consider looking for a new base and a potential breakout that allows you to add shares! — FISV is doing relatively well today! live answered avnw?? Nice action Travis; Def worth on a watchlist. If you bought at the breakout past 40, congrats! It may be forming a new base. I remember putting this one on our Live show stock lists. Thanks for noting. Hat Man Dave any thoughts on GOOG? GOOGL creeping above 21-day, rebounding from 10-week, holding up better than most techs. Has a flat base with 2145.24 buy point. Clearing the very short term highs around 2114 would be an early entry. David (Hatman!) – thank you so much for your comments on Williams-Sonoma. I sold 1/2 earlier this morning but am hanging on with the rest. I appreciate your great comments. Excellent position strategy David! Congrats on that profit! How much of a gain kicks in “don’t let a gain turn into a loss”? Definitely at 10%. Don’t want to roundtrip a double-digit gain. what will do with tsm on LB I’m not on the LB team … but it doesn’t look good. is the market on indexes very low or is Marketsmith not working? Indexes are 20 minutes delayed. You can use DIA/SPY/QQQ/IWM as real-time proxies. (QQQ is a proxy for the Nasdaq 100). “Questions for Thursday IBD Live. Options Trader. IBD, MarketSmith and IBD Live have really helped, but having some difficulty defining solid Exit Rules. Can you comment and link me to IDB FAQ or educational articles that will help me? Thanks Guys for all you do to help use…. 🤠” Howdy Jon! 🙂 thanks for reaching out! I’m still positive for the year which is good Nice. Good work Phil! VSTO please live answered Thanks Dave. That was very nice. I guess I have to, at times, come out of my own mindset where we always get together with friends at restaurants; the easy, lazy way to go. You’re welcome Joanna. what is Mike Webster’s twitter handle? ‘@mwebster1971 what’s Mike twitter handle? thanks. ‘@mwebster1971 Can you review how to adjust scaling so that it looks like yours. My screen looks nothing like yours and I haven’t found many options for changing. since we’re at the end of the show and not much time — reach out to [email protected] 🙂 When is Mike Webster coming on as a guest? We’d love to have Mike on, but I don’t think his new job permits it. If/when that changes Mike would definitely be invited on. Hi GM please give me idea about IPHI ? looking good today. thanks As Ken noted in the news, China regulators OK’d the MRVL-IPHI deal. So IPHI actual price is probably closing the gap between the MRVL offering price. In the future, you might want to focus on MRVL. Check out VIPS That has to reflect the sell-off in China internet firms. In China, there’s always an existential threat that the government could destroy you. Could you share where you heard that China was demanding personal data be shared with the government?? ARK has been rebalancing unloading lower conviction names n loading on their high conviction so TME is on their chopping list Don’t think that’s the issue with TME today, but always worth noting. Thanks to David Ryan for insights on Microsoft and the QQQs. This year has been a whiplash. I am back to thinking cash is king since nothing has been working for me. The IBD Team’s analysis has provided therapy sessions for me. I have been way too aggressive. Lessons being learned. Again, thank you. Really appreciate that! Dave, thanks for the reply. i have tried the search but it does not work. Could you please find out internally. i would like to reseach e.g. and referring to the mks charts simultaneously the big picture analysis of events that lead to historical corrections. thanks. I think we’ve got the germ of a great idea here: Repost some old articles going back to analyses of 1987 and 1990 bear markets and such. Lemme look into this. Hatman – did you say Cash Secured Puts on GRWG at Jan 2023? do you go that far ? Yes! Specifically, I bought back calls and sold the $20 strike put expiring in Jan 2022. I received a net credit and sold that put at $5.13 per contract. It now trades around $2.11. So fortunately, I’m making money in that cash-secured put. I also turned some long-term calls into Jan 2023 puts with a $60 strike. The latter have a higher risk, so I may need to adjust those puts over time. is grwg forming a head and shoulders? Ah, great Q. Here’s one story to help you learn the pattern — “Question for David Chung: With a lot of these growth stocks correcting 20 to 30%, are some of these stocks a good point to start nibbling?” Look for tests of the 10-week MA and 200-day MA on the daily chart; this gives you a good frame of reference. I was already at the bottom of the base with TSLA because I had a big cushion and my conviction is so strong in it! Fair treatment of this one! Great advice Dave Thank you Buying on the Right side of base is a better question Absolutely. Well put. Thank you David, the honest answer is refreshing here…I can’t believe that we would talk about “buying the bottom”? Not in O’Neil’s work, unless I need to reread yet again lol You got it! Thanks much for this comment I try buying the low cheat which is a little different and only works in a good market. not now that is for sure Thanks for sharing this. Great comments Hatman. Really true right now I appreciate this! SE is selling down in high volume, testing recent low and 200 milestone. Thanks for that; Chris and Dave are looking at the possibility of a head and shoulders pattern to emerge.

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