Biography of Cornelius Vander Starr – Founder American International Group (AIG)

Biography of Cornelius Vander Starr. In many ways, life CV Starr is a classic American story: a young man of modest origins who rises to the top of American business. But Starr’s experience is different. When it started its business in China in 1919, his model is to create partnerships with the local residents, the first being the Chinese banker and he always employs a staff of China.

This is the model for its business throughout Asia and around the world, long before “globalism ” or “multiculturalism” has become a general term. Starr is interested in the people who work hard and are good at doing what they do, no matter what line of business they.

Cornelius Vander Starr was born in Fort Bragg, California in 1892 at Ft. Bragg, CA. His father, also named Cornelius Starr, was a railway engineer Netherlands nationals, he died in 1895.

Mother of CV, interestingly enough, was given the name Frances Arabelle Starr aka Belle Starr, who was born in Tennessee in 1868. Census records show that in the year 1910 Belle is the head of the House where he lived in the area of logging in the Ten Mile River in the North. California’s Mendocino County, where her mother and her brother, Frances and William j. Hart (age 36 and a driver on a train in a store), live with him, as well as a widower named Thomas Shelton and his two sons. As a day job, she just recorded her own income, ” ” while indicating he was Shelton’s tree marker “” in the forest. Most of the neighbors in the area were employed in the timber industry that monopolize the Mendocino County at that time.

Ten years earlier (1900) the head of the household was her husband, John b. Starr, perhaps his first brother (deceased). John was born in Illinois by parents Netherlands in 1873 and signed his work as “Rangers. ” there was also Benjamin Starr, two years older than John and CV, four years younger, born one year after father CV died.

As a young man

He briefly attended college at the University of California, after dropping out of College at the University of California, Berkeley, CV Starr returned to his hometown of FT. Bragg, CA, where he opened an ice cream shop and soda fountain in 1911. He later sold the business for $ $1,000.

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