Entrepreneurship? Train the Teachers First

How do we train our people to become entrepreneurs? How do we instill entrepreneurship into our future generation? My answer is… seriously… Train the Teachers first!

See, the teachers are the moulders of our future generation. Every day, students attend schools and consciously as well as subconsciously gain knowledge. And every day, school teachers are sharing their experience, their knowledge, their habits directly or indirectly to students. Cheers to Teachers!

However, this means that teachers need to be equipped with the best mindset, best knowledge and best experience so that they can in turn impart them to the young.

In my opinion, entrepreneurship programmes should be catered to our teachers. And it should not just stop at this. We should encourage our teachers to take risks and allow them to engage in side businesses as well as other entrepreneurship projects. At present, teachers are not allowed to moonlight, except for tuition assignments. With additional freedom, we could groom teachers to become entrepreneurs, not by theory but in practicality.

If we loosen the grip on this moonlighting issue, teachers will be able to immerse themselves in true and practical entrepreneurship experiences. They can then share real-life experience to students and perhaps do it with them.

We do not like entrepreneurship taught as if it is an exam-oriented subject, a theoretical mystery or a word game. Entrepreneurship should be real, practical and exciting. And the best way to achieve this in our younger generation is by training the teachers first. Because only Teachers who know the stuff can teach the stuff.


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