BTCUSD Daily, Rocket Ship? for INDEX:BTCUSD by puzzledHare79535

Daily shows squeeze on, indicating the Bollinger Bands are within 1.5 of the Keltner channel, and market pressure is building. The squeeze histogram is approaching zero in a continued positive trend. ADX is equal to or lower than 20, which indicates low volatility on the daily timeframe . Combining the squeeze with the low ADX indicates pressure is strongly building and will be released soon. Wave Trend remains in an uptrend with a bullish buy signal already firing on March 28th. Wave A (short-term), while still technically bearish below zero, is on a strong uptrend. Wave B (medium-term) is bullish with a clear uptrend and the majority of the wave above zero. Wave C (long term) remains bullish strongly above zero with an upward trend. RSI is building and is now above 60 but still well below the previous major RSI sell-off points of 70 and 79, indicating plenty of room for growth. TSI is on an upward trend which is the market continues will cross the long-term EMA TSI soon. Both TSI and EMA TSI are above zero, and the upward cross of TSI will also confirm the long trend soon. MACD is crossing above zero, confirming the upward trend. The slow and fast MA is about to cross to confirm the bullish trend . Combining the bullish indicators of Wave B, Wave C, MAC, Squeeze Histogram, Wave Trend with the current squeeze, and low ADX should indicate a large upswing is currently brewing. Do we have a rocket ship firing up?

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