$HOFV (REQUESTED ANALYSIS – I hold no position) for NASDAQ:HOFV by LadyAmalthea12

@carsonusa5 ok… so the first thing that I see is that it has a nice, twice tested support and it looks like it bounced just a little bit above it… so three times tested support. So if you were to add that would be a great place. 3.00 or just a little bit above.

As long as it holds above 3.00 I can see this going up towards the next resistance level , which is at 4.70… It can go higher, but I would expect some resistance there.

That also seems to be supported by the 180 MA, but this is a new stock and there isn’t too much of an MA to work with, but still… that is a moving support that you might want to reference.

If for some crazy reason the market goes south (which I’m not anticipating, it’s just me always being cautious). Then the next support level is down at 1.75.

I’m a big fan of doubling positions (if possible) at support levels. That would be the place to double, for sure.

There is not a whole lot of support in between there, but if you need, I can add a few fib retracement levels if you want. I don’t feel like that’s necessary because of the strong support at 3.00

MacD and RSI look like they support an upward movement.

I have another indicator that I use that shows a buy signal today. It’s one I use a lot.

Over all it’s a nice chart… keep an eye out on the 3.00 level… if it stays above that then it should swing upwards. This is a nice chart. It has a lot going for it.

I hope this helps and I’m rooting for you 🙌🏼 GL

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