US Dollar’s 33 year Seasonality align with Price Action for TVC:DXY by TheReal_MissionMan

This Author is anticipating a bearish US Dollar at the last lap of Q3 into Q4 of the fiscal year. Reasoning behind said assumption is based on the premises of the asset’s 33 year seasonality , where during the fiscal quarters’ of Q3-Q4 the Dollar seeks lower pricing as the demand for the US Dollar decreases. Further to this premise, this Author examines the COT outlook of the asset to articulate a Sentimental assumption of the potential of the underlying asset. Further factoring current economic outlook from a macro perspective, fundamentally, the Dollar appears to be losing its demand which further suggests that the Dollar is respecting its seasonal tendency. Currently price action confirms and aligns with the macro outlook of the Dollar within the remainder of the fiscal year. This Author suggests to the audience to steer caution, and monitor any fundamental data that would compromise the supply or demand of the Dollar at this time. If the demand of the Dollar is affected, we can expect further decline of the asset. This Author if successful in capitalizing on the potential price behavior, will be looking at other related assets in conjunction with the DXY , with a holding period of 4-8 weeks.

stay tuned for further update and correlated assets.

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