Get the Solar Energy Facts Before You Decide

There is a lot about solar energy in the news today. So what’s all the excitement about these solar energy facts? As long as we have been around we have benefited from the sun’s energy. The fact is that solar energy is abundant, it’s economically harnessing solar energy to do our work and meet our power needs that we have been working on for decades.

Consider These Facts:

  • The sun delivers approximately 3.64 TWh daily to the continental US alone
  • In 2005 the US used 0.05% of the available solar energy

The sun’s energy is captured naturally in many ways. The sun contributes to the growth of plants, through its radiance, and to the thermal forces (wind) of our atmosphere. Today we look at ways to harness this resource to generate electricity, capture heat, light our buildings and grow our food. There are new technologies that hold the promise of economical green power.

Many people, spurred on by a sagging economy, are looking for ways to cheaply lower their energy bills. And many are looking for ways lower their carbon footprint too. Few people have pursued solar energy homes because they believe the initial investment to be too high. Armed with solar energy facts, many have begun to see solar power cost start to fall.

Solar Power Cost

What factors need to be measured, what is the most effective, expeditious and cost efficient means of meeting your objectives for lower energy costs?

The sun’s energy is free. So why then is the cost of solar power such a barrier? Solar power cost depends on the technology and devices used to capture and convert the power to a form we can use.

Solar hot water panels, for example are a new technology that has lowered the cost. Solar panel efficiency has improved and therefore the output and relative cost of the energy produced. There are very satisfactory instructions on how to build your own solar energy collectors or even find used solar panels that provide economical solar power.

Energy Efficiency is Key

The energy efficiency of your home will make a big difference in your energy bill. Many people consider going to solar or wind power, and incurring the large expense of conversion from fossil fuels, when they can get a huge return on their investment from simply applying some simple upgrades to their home to decrease the use of energy.

When done, these upgrades will also lower the cost when switching to alternative energy generation because less energy will be required to meet one’s needs.

To lower your energy bills and go green, search out the solar energy facts. Become aware of how much energy you are currently using and know what your goal is. You will get the biggest return on your solar power investment if you first improve the energy efficiency of your home.


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