Kingfisher Airlines – The Leading Airlines

Kingfisher Airlines is more than just a brand name today. It is perhaps India’s only 5- star airlines. It is one of the largest airlines that reach all parts of the country. This particular airline was launched by the largest beverage manufacturer of the world, United Beverages. Today, the airline reaches about 61 cities of the country and 8 international destinations. It is involved in about 390 departures on a daily basis, with a fleet of 66 aircraft. The world class quality services as well as the special entertaining amenities have given it a leading place in the aviation industry.

Kingfisher Airlines is one of those six airlines to receive a 5-star rating from a UK based consultancy that rates commercial airlines, Skytrax. The services rendered by these airlines make you feel special and top of the world. According to Kingfisher, an air travel is not just a travel between two destinations; in fact, it is a way to have an experience of a lifetime. The airline offers services for three different classes- Kingfisher First (for the business class), Kingfisher Class (Premium economy) and the Kingfisher Fare (for the low fare). The first two classes of flights are available for international flights too.

By getting a ticket to fly in the Kingfisher Airlines, you are seeking to indulge in super luxury, both on board as well as off board. The airline provides you with high quality as well as delicious cuisines and unparallel entertainment. The crew as well as the staff are well trained and are extremely polite and hospitable in nature. When the airline takes off for an international destination, you can have the view of the exalted beauty below. Every craft of this airline meets the international standards of performance and safety.

The airline company proudly functions under the famous and enigmatic Dr. Vijay Mallya. Very recently, the airlines launched its flights from India to Kathmandu, Mumbai to Dubai and New Delhi to Dubai. With the launch of these new flights, the total number of flights operating from New Delhi across international borders increased up to 5. The other three destinations that the flights from the Indian capital reach out to are Bangkok, London and Hong Kong. Most of the movies that Kingfisher Airlines plays on board are based on the passenger demand. Today, it is a major player in the luxury sector.


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