Knowing the Basics of Badminton – The Playing Court

Sports or sports related activities are definitely related to de-stressing or letting out some pressures of the daily routines. Group sports like basketball, volleyball or football requires big playing fields, considerable numbers of players and of course dealing a lot with regards teamwork. Most often than not, these said sports are ‘contact sports’. Nonetheless, for a fact, some individuals avoid sports simple because of the nature of ‘contact’ to avoid injury. Nonetheless, because of unhealthy lifestyle, in the process they compromise their health. For those who would love to get into sports and avoid the ‘contact’ nature of it badminton is one of the best sports to consider.

Badminton: Game of Battledore and Shuttlecock

The game was once known as Poona (from the British stronghold town Poona, which is now Pune) and the upper classes preferred balls of wool until shuttlecock was used. Enthusiasts of the game then, brought the game to England did some modification in the game and set rules and regulations. Since then, the game had its ups and downs until it gained international recognition and fame globally through the efforts of Badminton World Federation or formerly known as International Badminton Federation (IBF).

Understanding the Battlefield

The rectangular court is divided by net into halves. Since badminton could be with a maximum of two players per team, the court is marked for doubles and singles play. Nonetheless, courts for doubles are wider but both have same length. The court’s full width is twenty feet (20 ft) and has a full extent of forty-four feet (44 ft). The service courts are scored by a line in the center which divides the court’s width. The short service line is the Non Volley Zone and usually marked as seven feet (7 ft). During doubles play, the court is as well marked by a long service line measuring two feet and six inches (2’6″ ft) from the back margin. The net is usually five feet and an inch (5’1″ ft) at the edges and in the center it is five feet (5 ft) high. The net posts however are positioned over the doubles sidelines, even when singles game is at play. The laws or rules and regulations of badminton did not indicate any minimum required height for ceiling above the playing court. Nevertheless, playing badminton would necessitate having a high ceiling for the exchange of volleys.

Badminton is certainly a perfect sports for everybody especially those who love to ‘sweat it all out’ without the hassle of getting ‘too physical’ in terms of contact with other players. The game of badminton is a sports that definitely promotes healthy lifestyle and well-being.


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