2021 Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder Review: There Is Joy Still Left in Driving

A Unicorn in 2021

As far as options, the Spyder doesn’t have too many—a deviation from Porsche’s otherwise famously extensive and complicated menu. Standard 982 Spyders, with a starting price of $99,650, come with 20-inch wheels, a black leather and Alcantara interior, two-way sport seats, and the six-speed manual. The test car came outfitted with Gentian Blue metallic paint ($650), heated seats ($530), Apple CarPlay ($360), auto-dimming mirrors with an integrated rain sensor ($700), navigation ($2,320), and the seven-speed PDK ($3,210). In total, the final MSRP came out to $107,190. I won’t waste precious internet ink complaining about the price, because it’s a lot. It’s easily 911 money.

In the dwindling Fun Cars market, not much else offers a roofless, naturally aspirated, manual-transmission car like the Spyder does. As for me? My heart belongs to the Lotus Evora GT because it’s a weirdo nerd’s ride that’s bad in all the best ways. Porsche’s 718s are the mature choice for fun-lovers who want a, you know, finished car. But when you start comparing cars such as these, all rationale goes out the window and is replaced purely by taste and preference. There’s no logical call to be made.

The 911s may get all the love and attention because of “tradition” or whatever, but I’ve long believed the mid-engine Porsches are the superior Porsches. They’re set up to be inherently better balanced. They feel so much smaller to drive. And the 718 Spyder is objectively a perfect vehicle. Any issues you might have with it definitely come from within yourself and have nothing to do with the car. (And if one asks if Porsche currently makes a bad car, one would immediately answer oneself with, “No.”) 

Whether or not the price or engine placement gives you pause, I’ll leave you with this: There is joy left in driving still and it’s taken the form of a 718 Spyder. Cherish it before it’s gone.

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