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As a driver in Montana, you must carry liability insurance to help cover the costs of injuries or property damage that other people suffer in an auto accident that’s your fault. Every vehicle registered in the state is required to have liability insurance, whether or not someone drives them.

Car insurance in Montana must include at least these limits of coverage:

  • Bodily injury liability per accident: $50,000
  • Bodily injury liability per person: $25,000
  • Property damage liability per accident: $20,000

    Montana Auto Insurance Costs by Insurer

    In a survey that involved the use of a sample driver, ValuePenguin found that State Farm and Progressive offer the cheapest insurance policies with minimum coverage in Montana. State Farm quoted an annual premium of $299, while GEICO charged $358. Both insurers offered prices that are much lower than the state average of $466.

    • State Farm: $299 per year
    • GEICO: $358 per year
    • Progressive: $462 per year
    • Farmers: $654 per year
    • Allstate: $810 per year

      In addition, State Farm and GEICO also have the most affordable full coverage policies.

      • State Farm: $1,245 per year or $104 per month
      • GEICO: $2,200 per year or $185 per month
      • Progressive: $2,341 per year or $195 per month

        Montana Auto Insurance Premiums by Driver Age

        Drivers in their 20s have to be prepared to pay sky-high premiums. Nevertheless, they tend to see their rates come down as they gain more experience on the road. Some insurance providers routinely offer better premiums to young drivers, so it’s a good idea to shop around for the best deals.

        More often than not, insurers will charge 30-something drivers less than those who are in their teens or 20s. Then again, factors such as a person’s vehicle make and model and driving record can lead to an increase or decrease in prices. Drivers with good driving records may be eligible for auto insurance discounts.

        When they reach their 40s, most drivers will enjoy lower insurance premiums than their younger counterparts. However, they’ll likely pay more than drivers who are older than them. Again, getting quotes from multiple insurance companies is the most effective way to find better rates. People who don’t drive often may want to consider getting pay-per-mile insurance, which charges according to the number of miles driven.

        On average, 50-something drivers have lower car insurance premiums than most other age groups. Rates will drop lower as they approach their 60s and continue to gain more experience behind the wheel. Still, the driver’s gender, location, and other factors can have an impact on their premiums.

        Drivers in their early 60s get some of the lowest insurance prices, but they’ll start to see their rates go up after 65. Those in this age group can keep their premiums low by taking advantage of discounts for senior citizens.

        In Montana, senior drivers were involved in 36 crashes that resulted in fatalities in 2017. As people become older, they often experience declining eyesight and slower reflexes, which causes their insurance rates to increase. Drivers over 75 are required to renew their driver’s licenses and undergo a vision test and a road-sign test once every four years in Montana.

        Montana Car Insurance Premiums by Gender and Marital Status

        MoneyGeek released estimates of the average insurance premiums for 100/300/100 comprehensive and collision coverage in Montana. These estimates are for an ordinary 40-year-old male who is driving a Toyota Camry and has a clean driving record. However, depending on certain individual factors, your premiums may be different from those shown below:

        • Average driver: $1,216
        • Driver with poor credit score: $2,068
        • Driver with a DUI record: $2,146
        • Driver with a speeding ticket: $1,483

          Typically, insurance companies charge higher rates for students, so you can expect your premiums to increase significantly if you include your child in your policy. However, many insurers offer discounts to students who get good grades and practice safe driving.

          • State Farm: $1,863 per year or $155 per month
          • Allied: $1,933 per year or $161 per month
          • Allstate: $2,123 per year or $177 per month
          • GEICO: $3,038 per year or $253 per month
          • Progressive: $3,207 per year or $267 per month

            Average Montana Insurance Rates After A Violation or Accident

            For drivers in Montana who were recently involved in an accident, take a look at the lowest average annual rates for full coverage listed below:

            • State Farm: $1,433
            • Farmers Union: $1,888
            • Nationwide: $2,623
            • Farmers: $2,807
            • GEICO: $2,815

              For drivers who have a DUI record, the best annual full coverage rates are as follow:

              • State Farm: $1,605
              • Progressive: $2,011
              • Farmers Union: $2,052
              • Farmers: $2,656
              • Allstate: $3,131

                Montana Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Tier

                Drivers in Montana who have a poor credit score should check out the following insurance companies with the lowest average annual rates for minimum coverage:

                • Farmers Union: $728
                • GEICO: $966
                • State Farm: $1,129
                • Nationwide: $1,173
                • Allstate: $1,582

                  Expensive Montana Cities

                  According to a report from, below are the top three most expensive cities for minimum car insurance in Montana:

                  • Billings: $577.56 per year
                  • Great Falls: $556.14 per year
                  • Laurel: $544.98 per year

                    Cheapest Montana Cities

           also named the top three cheapest cities for minimum car insurance in Montana, which are:

                    • Miles City: $409.26 per year
                    • Havre: $419.28 per year
                    • Lewistown: $419.48 per year

                      List of Insurance Companies in Montana

                      MoneyGeek put together a list of the best auto insurance providers in Montana after taking into consideration factors such as prices, financial strength, ability to pay claims, and customer experience. Data from AM Best’s financial strength ratings and J.D. Power’s U.S. Auto Insurance Study was used to score each aspect. Along with additional pricing information, each study has an equal impact on the final score out of 100.

                      1. USAA: 100+
                      2. Hartford: 92.5+
                      3. GEICO: 85+
                      4. Allstate: 82.5+
                      5. American Family: 80+
                      6. State Farm: 80+
                      7. Farmers: 80+
                      8. Progressive: 80+
                      9. Safeco: 77.5+
                      10. Liberty Mutual: 77.5+
                        1. No-Fault Insurance in Montana Information

                          When it comes to auto insurance, Montana is an at-fault state. This means the driver who is at fault in an accident is responsible for covering every party’s financial losses that result from injuries or property damage.







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