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With the world returning to a somewhat normal state after some of the worst months of the pandemic, many commuters are now faced with the reality of going back to the office. If you’re one, perhaps you’ve noticed how unpleasant commuting can be. From stereos to tires, to small changes, these convenience modifications can help make that commute just a little nicer.

Get yourself Android Auto or Apple Carplay

An aftermarket head unit in a Subaru | Will Ireland via Getty Images

If you’ve ever used Android Auto or Apple Carplay, you’ll know what I’m on about. So maybe skip this and read something more interesting. If not, this easy change can really help ease that commute. Our phones integrate into just about everything now, from our TVs to our refrigerators (weirdly). So, why not integrate your phone into your car? A stereo with Android Auto or Apple Carplay really can change the game.

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