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The Regional Economic Development Study Program has a vision to become a leading Applied Bachelor Program in the field of Regional-Based Economic Development Planning aims to produce professional experts with international standard, dignity, and the spirit of Pancasila in 2037. This study program focuses on applied sciences, practices, skills/expertise in regional economic development planning which provides various techniques and approaches in the field of economic development planning comprehensively based on economic theory, socio-cultural conditions of the community and pays attention to the spatial aspects.


The Regional Economic Development Study Program focuses mainly in the field of regional economic development planning, regional economic development planning, industrial area planning, regional investment management, project evaluation and feasibility study, public policy analysis, data analysis with statistical and geospatial software, as well as budget planning and budgeting document (planning-budgeting). Equivalent to Bachelor Degree (the academic one) based on KKNI (Indonesian National Qualification Framework) level 6, Diploma Four or Applied Bachelor degree focuses on innovative and applicative abilities.

Career Prospects

The background of the establishment of the Regional Economic Development Study Program is the need for regional economic development planners in Indonesia, both in terms of quality and quantity. In the future, graduates of this study program are able to work in central government agencies (such as National Development Planning Agency, Ministry of Home Affairs, etc.), local government agencies, NGOs / iNGO (such as ADB, World Bank, etc.), as well as research agencies (such as Indonesian Institute of Sciences, The Smeru Research Institute, etc.)


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