Sliding Window – Another Way of Space Economy

Population is continuously growing and the world’s space is shrinking, this is the main issue of this age, therefore everybody is trying to adjust everything in his small fist space. From door to bed everything is nowadays coming with slide, an ongoing demand of sliding force the producers to rethink their ability and change their market strategy.

Sliding windows are also one of the important ways of economy of space; we can save lots of space or can utilize that space for other vocation by using sliding windows. For instance, these windows are basically made to save the space which slide horizontally to the left or right on tracks, the sliders work on a ‘ride over’ mechanism. Therefore, it gives us a chance to think for utilizing that space for another work.

One can find different type of sliding windows are available in the market, we can choose the right type according to our need and requirements like

Series 1500, Series 3000 and many more. Series 1500 is suggested for:

• Living room, bed room and kitchen

• Windows where entail mesh

The main benefit of Sliding Window 1500 series is that it does not open inwards:

• Interlocks and Thick strip of wool pile ensures all pollutants and insects out.

• Sliding panels cannot be fiddled from the outside because it has Anti Lift Lock.

• Integrated bug screen solution can be removed at the time of cleaning.

Series 3000 is suggested for:

• To cover large gaps like balconies and living rooms.

• Monsoon and rain prone areas, especially those along the coast and North-East.

• Large buildings where high velocity winds experiences.

The important benefits of 3000 series are:

• Multipoint locking system is there with every window.

• Monsoon proof solution is possible.

• 3000 series comes with additional strength for high rise buildings where open to high velocity winds.

• For better insulation thicker glass can accommodate.

If we talk about the design of the sliding windows, we have many options available according to our need and requirements like:

• SW 1 (Sliding Window) (2 Track 2 Panel)

• SW 2 (2 Track 3 Panel)

• SW 3 (3 Track 3 Panel)

• SW 4 (2 Track 4 Panel)

• SW 5(4 Track 4 Panel) and

• SW 6 (3 Track 6 Panel)

This design enables openings of window from 25% to 80% and also available in both the series.


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