Take the Lead in the Game of Golf With Top Flite Golf Clubs at Your Service

There are many sports which test the physical fitness and endurance of its players. Golfing may not seem to be a game that offers physical exercise. Though it is true that no high-octane action is involved, it is also a fact that it involves all the muscles of the body. You can enjoy as well as win it by playing with Top Flite golf clubs. To learn more about the intricacies, read on.

The objective is to complete a course of many holes with many hurdles like trees, sand and ponds; with minimum number of shots. Therefore, you would top the table as a winner if you have covered in least number of shots. Each model is divided into three parts namely lance that has a grip to hold on, shaft that determines the length and the club-head which comes in contact of the ball.

There are various types available which cater to different objectives.

1. Woods: These come with longest shafts and help you pushing the ball across longest possible distance.

2. Irons: They come with flat faces and shorter than woods, can assist you in approaching the green turf when the hole is closer or when negotiating with sand or through the trees.

3. Hybrids: As the name suggests, they are combinations of qualities irons and woods but are easier to hit than its wood or iron equivalent.

4. Putters: These are designed so that you can aim the short ranges to perfection when you are closer to the hole on flat surfaces.

The knowledge of each one and choosing the right one before executing a swing can make the difference between a winner and a loser.


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