Technology and Child Pornography

Technology and creativity are the two main weapons of sex offenders when it comes to child pornography these days. Law enforcement and other authorities are becoming a lot more impatient when it comes to tracking down and arresting these criminals considering that the latter have come up with various ways hiding their identities and eluding arrest and conviction.

Without a doubt, pornography is a type of child sexual abuse. When victims are forced or deceived to pose nude or perform sexual activities while recorded, anyone who takes part in it, including those who view the content, is guilty of the crime. Not only is the child disrespected, there is also a gross violation of their rights as well as obvious physical and sexual abuse.

When it comes to determining who should be regarded as guilty of child pornography, there are four major types of culprits:

1. Those who directly produce the pornographic material as a lead up to actual physical and sexual abuse or molestation

2. Those who directly produce the pornographic material for the purpose of making a profit out of it, primarily through sale and online distribution

3. Those who did not produce the material but is still aware of its production. This type of offender may be involved with other aspects of the abuse such as taking the responsibility of deceiving or luring a potential victim

4. Those who have no part whatsoever in the production of the material but possess copies of the pornographic material for the purpose of sexual satisfaction or fetish.

You might be wondering what makes an individual engage in child pornography. In reality, many cases involve people who have been convicted of sex related offenses. As soon as they realize the consequences of sexually abusing a child, they resort to the safer means of sexual satisfaction, which in this case, is child pornography. But most jurisdictions still consider an actual sexual abuse with physical contact to be equal with child pornography. Both involve the act of exploiting and taking advantage of the child’s weakness, innocence, and vulnerability.

The biggest problem law enforcement agencies face is the increasing difficulty of apprehending sex offenders who focus on child pornography. Unfortunately for them, it seems like criminals are way advanced when it comes to utilizing internet technology to their advantage. They have the ability to completely conceal their identities to a point where about half of the accusations and cases reach a dead end.

Ultimately, what we must come to grips with is the fact that none of this wretched filth would be created in the first place if there was no demand for it. Certainly, there have always been pedophiles, molesters and rapists among us, but what has made it so bad lately? The internet certainly plays its part, but you can’t blame the internet anymore than you can blame a gun for shooting someone. The internet doesn’t hurt children, people hurt children. I want to end this article with a challenge. Take a brief look at popular media. Take your pick, television, internet videos, magazines, music, music videos, whatever you like. How often do you see young teenage girls and boys portrayed in a sexual context? Why do we as a society accept this as being harmless entertainment? It may not directly cause child sexual abuse, but it certainly provides an environment that is conducive to it.


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