The Christian Retreat Center – Find More Life by Stepping Out of Life

Many men, women, and youth are finding Christian retreat centers as the most enjoyable and enriching places to spend time getting away from it all. Ironically, many say they needed to step out of life to actually find more life!

Life has a way of draining all of us. We come home tired but we usually don’t mean we are physically tired. What so many mean when they say “I’m tired” is that they feel drained, life feels kind of purposeless and all the frenzied activities of life have lost their meaning. They are with people, communicating with people, and around people, but they aren’t really connecting with people in ways that matter. Emails, texting, polite small talk and just trying to get things done don’t bring the relational richness all of us need.

But, pulling out of our regular busyness and spending a long weekend or even a week at a Christian conference center, helps us unwind, re-focus our lives, and draw near to others in ways life usually doesn’t allow. A Christian retreat center creates the time and space we need to find purpose again, strengthen the friendships we treasure and maybe even build new friendships with people that share some of our beliefs, values and dreams for life.

And Christian retreat centers can be really fun, and even adventurous, too. Long hikes in the woods, mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, and other physical sports are offered by many Christian retreat centers. Activities are age-appropriate, and the planned activities for youth, and even adults, are supervised by trained staff, so everyone has a good time.

Men’s groups, women’s groups and many youth groups plan annual events at Christian retreat centers, so find one that fits your needs, is close to home or in an area you would love to visit, and spend a few days finding more life by stepping out of life.


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