The Commie Chronicles – Episode 6

Following a coup, such as we experienced during the Presidential election of 2020, outright communists would then purge the military of anyone loyal to the old regime. The purge, as history shows, would be deadly. Stalin and Mao started at the top, and as the corpses stacked up, everyone else got in line.

The purge of our military began under the Obama Administration when he purged over 100 leading Generals from all branches of service by forcing them out. How kind. Our armed forces were stabilized by the Presidency of Donald Trump. Immediately following the coup with the installation of President O’Biden, the purge was resumed.

It started when O’Biden appointed new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Austin, an Army General of no particular note, immediately insisted that the United States military rid itself of racists and extremists in its ranks. Really? Austin then ordered an unprecedented 60-day service-wide stand down. A stand-down is a pause in military activity in all services intended to root out ‘white supremacism” and “extremism.’ The Pentagon, of course, has released no data to support Austin’s contention nor any examples of what he found. Insiders have told me the pressure is on whites, Christians, and warfighters.

In a strike at the heart of our military, today was the appointment of Richard Torres-Estrada to head the United States Special Operations Command or SOCOM. They are, as they say… the tip of the spear. And what was Torres-Estrada hired to do? Head up a new ‘Office of Diversity and Inclusion for SOCOM. So our Navy Seals, Spec Ops, Delta, et al. would no longer be the best but be diverse and inclusive. The purge is meant to tear the heart out of our military.

Speaking of diversity and inclusion, O’Biden reversed President Trump’s ban on transgender people from serving in the military. He further declared that the government will pay the conversion surgery for any military desiring to become ‘transgender.’ The surgery runs from $100,000 to $200,000 with no guarantees, of course. Keep in mind that for time immemorial, the psychiatric community considered transgenderism a mental illness. That all changed in 2013 under the Obama Administration with pressure from the LBGT lobby.

And we can’t forget the deployment of National Guard troops to DC to protect Congress and the White House from those dastardly white supremacists and extremists. The icing on this cake was when they ordered the troops, 50,000 of them guarding the newly fenced buildings, to take a new oath of enlistment, presumably to get them to swear allegiance to O’Biden and not their nemesis, President Trump.

In other news, recently uncovered documents show the Pentagon’s plan to target conservatives, which my sources tell me is happening. The Defense Department’s new diversity chief compared former President Trump to Adolf Hitler. And Secretary of Defense Austin regularly goes on TV to criticize Tucker Carlson of Fox News. An Army chaplain is being investigated for saying transgenders are unqualified to serve.

No doubt the purge will continue. We can’t forget how the Deep State went after the one General they couldn’t control, General Michael Flynn. They did everything but kill him. They lied, filed false charges, threatened to put his son in jail, and deployed the worst character assassination tactics the major media could muster. We should all be thankful President Trump stood by him, and he is still fighting the good fight.

No country ever decides they want to be communist. Evil people seeking power always drive the train to the communist coup. Our recent coup is no different. And those in power must get rid of any and all opposition to combine forces and solidify their new power. It is all unfolding before our eyes as our military is neutered in preparation for the blue helmets of the new world order headed our way.

For all those who say it can’t happen here… it already has.

Until next time… watch your back and be wary of the ‘cancel’ birds. You could be next.


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