The Missing Pages Of American History Part IV

Through-out our brief history the United States government has either subconsciously or not perpetuated a level imbalances within our society. The consequences are profound. The inequality, the racial divides, and the level of corruption that has seeped into the very framework of our Democratic process have all succeeded in rendering our society almost incapable of bridging the enormous gaps of inequality in our nation today. In fact any attempt to rectify the crisis we face has always created yet another crisis.

A never ending cycle of preexisting conditions have always precluded governments attempts to resolve the crisis that our government helped create in the first place. In the end we can see that government is really now incapable in bringing harmony and balance into our society. History tells of the horrific struggles for racial equality and justice right here in the United States.

In all of American history no other period has had such a detrimental affect on American life than the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the reconstruction era following the Civil War. It was during this period that today’s racial tensions have yet to be resolved. The attempts to foster equality in our society have almost always proved futile. We can trace much of the root causes of the inequality that African Americans face today back to the tail end of the Civil war and the Reconstruction period following.

On December 9th 1864 just five months prior the end of the Civil War was and event that set off a chain reaction that could have had great expectations for every African American even to this day. Yet, the tragedy of what occurred at Ebenezer Creek on that December 9th has to be a reminder that America has a long way to go still to create a balanced and just society for every African American and all Americans.

Toward the end of the Civil War there were a great many Union Confederate sympathizers that have made life almost unbearable for African Americans. The reality of the late 1860’s was a period of racial tensions that continued straight through Reconstruction. Former slaves who were fortunate to flee to the North faired just a little better than those African Americas still in the South. But, the tragedy at Ebenezer Creek was probably the most significant incident leading up to what would have been a turning point for greater equality for generation of African Americans.

The long line of prejudice that is still rampant today took the lives of thousands of fleeing African American women, children and old men when they tried to cross Ebenezer Creek on that fateful day of December 9th in 1864. What Union General Davis and the Confederate Army did on that day where they both harbored extreme prejudice toward African Americans was a murderous crime against humanity. This led to an appeasement fostered by General Sherman when he met with leaders of the African American Community. The special field order No.16 was an attempt to bring some sort of balance for all former slaves. Hence the term 40 acres and a mule was derived.

This field order specified that former slaves were entitled to reparations consisting of 40 acres of tillable land and a mule to help plow the fields to grow crops. In other words to have the newly freed slaves able to be self-sufficient. But, when President Andrew Johnson failed to honor this agreement he instead awarded a sum of $300 to each Southern land owner for their loss of their property, their former slaves. A travesty that has had lasting ramifications to this very day.

To a large extent the racial prejudices that has existed since the end of the Civil War has created the imbalances in our society today. The racial divides that dominate the American landscape have only deepened the prejudices that too many have today. Had many of us been taught of our own history much of which portrays a travesty of what our government has done, covered up, deliberately sequestered, and falsely embellished we never would have allowed the imbalances and the racial tensions that we are experiencing to happen.

The racial tensions and prejudices that are dominating our judicial system is currently ripe with inconsistencies that constitutes there is no equal justice before the law for African Americans and every American. And, until all our children are taught we are all brothers of man regardless of race, color, or religion there will continue to be a growing divides that create the imbalances that foster racial tensions and prejudices that have existed through-out the world.

To make this happen government has the responsibility to create the economic, financial and social opportunities not only to bring balance in communities but the environment to make it all happen. We have to remember the Williams Theory Of Economic Evolution which states” having more people with enough disposable income to spend, save, pay down debt and invest is the greatest contributor to a stable, balanced, and just nation for all it’s population.” Having this creates a country that successfully produces more harmony, equal justice and reduces the racial prejudices that drive the divisions in countries further apart..


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