There’s Good News And Bad News In A Marriage

I started this writing to share some of the fun things in my (our) 30 plus years together. I thought it would be kinda nice to begin each session with a quote about the subject in general yet at the same time, something that applies to people married for any length of time. You know, like finding a niche from which to share these tidbits.

For it is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest that holds human associations together. Our friends seldom profit us but they make us feel safe. Marriage is a scheme to accomplish exactly that same end.” Henry Louis Mencken

After all is said and done, there are lots of things that can make our lives so very wonderful… and then there’s the marriage part of a relationship that takes it one step further. And that can certainly be considered good news in a relationship. What can be more wonderful than a wonderful life you ask, you would be surprised.

The surprise is not in the good news bad news scenarios that apply to a marriage, but rather that every scenario in a relationship has as they say… it’s moments, of course both good and bad.

Statistically speaking, healthy and happy relationships come from sharing and that includes of course sharing the good news and the bad news of any and everything that happens between the two of you. Arguing in public can’t be a good thing… nor can bringing flowers and asking forgiveness for a forgotten anniversary be a bad thing.

You remember such a time when the proverbial stars must have been in the correct alignment because there was absolutely just nothing that could have gone wrong in the negative sense or nothing that could possibly have been better in the positive sense. Sure you do. I my case it was when I was asked how I felt or what I wanted.

True, those times can be few and sometimes far between in a marriage, but it is for that very reason that some marriages thrive and seem to live forever. Friends, that is indeed good news!

Again with the statistics, people are living longer according to our Census Bureau, and that is partially due to relationships lasting longer. When people are calmer, happier and healthier… they tend to relax more. When they relax more, the share more… and when it comes to problems in a marriage… they simply are not there. In fact they seem to rarely exist, thus making for a successful time of peace together. No bad news here.

When commander Spock on the Starship Enterprise (the TV series Star Trek) often stated that one should live long and prosper, he apparently meant it with extraordinary affection to whomever he spoke to.

A good marriage encourages sincerity. Sincerity encourages a good marriage.



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