Tunnels By Gordon And Williams – The Next Harry Potter Book?

Tunnels — This book has been discovered by Barry Cunningham, the discoverer of J K Rowling and her enormously successful series of books about Harry Potter.

Gordon and Williams self-published 2,500 copies of this book – under a different title: The Highfield Mole. This was two years ago because they thought they would not have success with mainstream publishers. Recently, a hardback copy was being offered on Amazon for £1,500. The authors have so far earned advances of £500,000 by selling orders with major chain worldwide.

JK Rowling’s multi-million publishing sensation will leave an enormous niche in the market for children’s books, once the seventh and final book is published in July 2007.

You will be able to buy Tunnels sometime early on in July 2007.

46 Year old Roderick Gordon, who is a father of 2, was made redundant as an investment banker in 2001.

Brian Williams, 48 years old, who studied art at The Slade in London, has worked as an artist, in films and as an actor.

They have been friends since being students and have always been fascinated by archeology.

Recently, Barry Cunningham, the publisher, JK Rowling discoverer, was in New York considering film offers from three Hollywood studios for Tunnels – even though its publishing date is after July 2.

“I have never had so many film people trying to get hold of me,” he said.

Brian Williams was reported to say “The idea of a secret world underneath our feet hit us in an instant and after that, Rod and I never looked back. We couldn’t write fast enough.”

The book features a teenage boy archaeologist who discovers a new world under London by digging into tunnels below the city. It is a fast moving adventure that really stirs your imagination and completely absorbs you into the depths of the book you are reading.


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