Why Some People Are Afraid to Make Money

As an experienced network marketer it still surprises me to see the lengths some people will go to avoid becoming ”moneymakers and moneysavers”. Such fears, usually completely irrational, are the basis of what are called Objections by network marketers. In many cases people are not advancing their own lifestyles and finances when they could be making big achievements and improvements to their daily lives and that of their family. So let’s look at some examples of Objections.

Some people claim they would have no one to speak to about their new business or service. If you think about it, virtually all of us know lots of other people, either in our own country and/or overseas. It is widely believed we all have between 50-500 personal contacts. You only have to ask yourself the question ”Who do I know?” You can quickly start writing down a list of names on paper. Let’s think of a few examples. Do you have any work colleagues? What about neighbours, friends, family such as parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces? Maybe you go to a social club or charity group, a sports club, gym, play cricket, rugby, football, tennis, badminton. Maybe you belong to a group like a parent/teacher association, mother and toddlers group, rotary association or women’s group. If you are religious you may attend a church, mosque, temple or synagogue. Think about who you send greetings to, such as on your Christmas card list. What about your current and old diaries, who is in them? Other people that you might add on to your list could even include your doctor, dentist, milkman, postman, local corner shop grocery store or your butcher. The list of people we know is never ending. In reality, most business prospects know many people that they could talk to or phone but they may tell you they don’t know anybody as a polite way of saying they are not interested. Sometimes low self-esteem, cynicism or irrational panic can affect people’s judgement in taking a balanced view or in their ability to realistically evaluate information presented to them.

Do you realise you can add to the people you know very easily? Say you have a friend called Geoff. Ask Geoff ”who do you know that would like to earn some extra money or save money?” You will get a list of names and contact phone numbers from Geoff. This is called getting Referrals. Let’s say you did the same thing with 50 friends and each friend gave you 10 Referrals. Do you know how many contacts you would have? Work it out! You will be busy for a long time.

There are no doubt many online and offline network marketing and other home-based jobs and businesses which involve selling. In some cases stock also has to be purchased. Some people seem to have a natural gift to sell, the ”gift of the gab” as some call it. However, many people do not like face to face selling or even doing it over the phone. Even if you are given training you may not be very good at it compared to a professional salesman. This is perfectly reasonable but some people take this too far. One lady I spoke to some years ago was interested in earning money in a home-based business but then changed her mind, so I enquired why she suddenly changed her mind. She told me her husband had put her off as too much selling was involved. I explained to her that no selling was required at all in this particular home business and in fact it was better not to have a background in sales. Her mind was so closed she could not accept it. This lady might have made thousands of dollars by now. What a wasted opportunity!

It is common practice for network marketing companies to charge a one-off relatively small Registration Fee and set some kind of monthly service target or activity charge. Such costs may be used towards supplying the new recruit with free websites, promotional and administration material or tools. A prospect who is willing to pay such fees to register as an Agent, Representative or Distributor demonstrates that he/she has a level of commitment to the business and is ”serious”. People who join such businesses for free where no fee is required invariably soon become inactive and disinterested as they were never very motivated in the first instance. Some people are scared of registering in a networking business because they ”have to pay something”. Other people think it is only worthwhile joining a business if they have to pay a huge Franchise or investment fee like $100,000 but this is often not the case at all and does not guarantee success. The high registration cost is merely a greater risk factor. There are many networkers who are earning five or even six figure sums monthly. Why would you not want to pay say $30 per month if you had a monthly income of $40,000?

Some people are too reluctant to make any effort to improve themselves. They want more money but when they get home from work or get to the end of the day they watch soap operas or other programmes on television every night and put off making their business phone calls until the following day or week. Lethargy leads to no business activity and while they are watching television their prospect may be signed up by someone else. Some effort is required in life to achieve personal goals. There is an expression in networking advising people not to put things off and do them right away. This is sometimes called ”feel the fear”. Come out of the ”comfort zone” and set short, medium and long term goals. Some wise advice in networking is ” if you fail to plan then you plan to fail” Attendance at ”training” is also essential for success in network marketing.

If your car gets a puncture would you get it fixed by the next day? If you had a windfall and you had a message that $50,000 was ready for you to pick up at the Bank would you find the time to go and get it or would you wait 6 months thinking about it? All of us can either find time or MAKE time if we want to do something. It comes down to MOTIVATION and PERSISTENCE. It might surprise you to know that many of the most successful network marketers are the people who are most busy in their daily lives. This is because they know how to organise their time.

Some people worry about Illegal online and offline schemes. Such scams are often ”pyramid schemes” but some people assume wrongly that everything is ”fake”. It is true to say care needs to be taken before parting with money. Pyramid schemes take money from people without offering services or a product. Legal network marketing businesses are now flourishing worldwide since a historic court victory in the USA by Amway many years ago. The shopping genie run by My Net Universe requires new distributors to obtain a license and a genie to be taken as a service before they can become active and the shopping genie has become a worldwide income opportunity.

Have a look round our website and peruse various moneymaking and moneysaving opportunities plus there is a free worldwide gift App available to everybody. You will also find some other useful links from the website to other relevant websites and internet marketing tools. There is also a section with some very interesting and informative Articles to read relating to network marketing including Objections and other issues. Please visit The site has links to Financial Independence and network marketing issues similar to ”why some people are afraid to make money”on media such as You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.

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