Bad News For Smokers! Ban On Smoking Inflates Quit Smoking Scuffle: Are You Ready To Quit?

Hey Guys! There is a very bad news for you smokers. The governments world over are tightening the noose around smokers by clamping ban on smoking through threatening legislations. Now it will be difficult for you to steal a puff at government buildings, cinema halls and other public places. Can you imagine staying without your dose of Nicotine for hours? As per the news, some states have banned smoking even in cars. But the most worrisome news for you is that states like Virginia, with a four century history of tobacco cultivation and a base of powerful tobacco interests is soon joing other states that favor ban on smoking.

It is difficult for the likes of you and me to hear anything negative about our dear cigarettes, which provide us the power to deal with the most difficult situations. But the state heads think otherwise, as per them smoking stinks and it provides fertile environments for life shortening diseases and hence the slap of Ban.

Now what will happen to the large chunk of people who love smoking? Well one of the safest solutions is to join the brigade of quitters. But as all of us know it may not be that easy. In fact it is a Herculean task which only few can achieve. Smoking is a habit which is easy to form but difficult to leave. Even when one determines to leave smoking, it reoccurs with vengeance. One is left to suffer like a fish without water.

A question to all the smokers of the world; Do you actually like seeing yourself in that state; where you are practically dependent on a piece of cigarette, without which your living becomes miserable? I don’t, am sure even you don’t like it, although we all try to defend our smoking habit by giving one or the other reason, but in our hearts we all know that it is the worst habit that we ever picked in our life.

The biggest problems in quitting smoke are the cravings. When we smoke, nicotine enters our brain cells through blood and activates our pleasure producing cells. The effect produced is overpowering, in order to return to the same pleasurable state we smoke again and this is how we get addicted to it. But when we want to quit we face problems like anxiety, uneasiness, troubled state of mind, excitement, pain in the head and body, upset stomach, diarrhea etc. If one doesn’t have a strong willpower he is bound to get defeated by these cravings.

But now there is a ray of hope for our less will powered friends in the form of Chantix. Chantix is a FDA approved drug which has recently been launched. The best thing about this drug is that it works in the same way as nicotine does. It gives the same feel good effect that Nicotine gives, which means that it will free you from your smoking habit, that too without the negative pull of cravings.

If we all look at the problem of smoking from a wiser angle we will find that it definitely is a sweet poison which slowly and lovingly snatches away our life from us. Well not anymore, I am ready to fight my battle with Chantix as my armor. What about you?


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