History and Heritage of Rickmansworth in Herthfordshire

The word Rickmansworth is derived from Ryckmer and it is often shortened to Ricky. Rickmansworth is a small city rather a town and it is situated in the district of Three Rivers of Hertfordshire County. Rickmansworth is one of the famous underground railway stations and it is managed by London underground. Hertfordshire is characterized by three rivers. The Rickmansworth is not much populated however, its total estimated population is around 15000 people. Due to its unique local geography and railway embankment a wonderful phenomena of frost hollow occurs that has become its recognition.

Rickmansworth is famous by its Rickmansworth railway station. As mentioned earlier it is one of the few stations that are served by London Underground and it is also served by National Rail. Many metropolitan trains stop here for change of train staff and it also serves as head office of operational side of the Northern section.

The most famous sports club is Rickmansworth Golf club. It is included among oldest golf clubs in the England. Another famous place is Scots hills where Rickmansworth sports club is situated. In earlier times, it was the center of all sports activities Cricket Club but with the passage of time, more clubs came into the picture like Chess Valley Rugby football club. Chess Valley Rugby is youngest club of its kind and it has two senior teams and also has few junior level teams.

Another place worth mentioning is Aquadrome, which is a large public park. The park consist of children’s play area, grass land, wood area and large lakes. The lakes are well maintained and very suitable for not only swimming but also for sailing, wind sailing, canoeing and other related water sports.

Rickmansworth also known as Ricky also host some celebrations and festivals. One of the celebrations is town’s annual “Ricky week” celebration. It is than followed by another famous festival that is celebrated every year and is known as Rickmansworth Festival.

The town is also facilitated by one big Watersmeet theater. It is situate on the heart of the Rickmansworth High Street. It has a capacity of 500 hundred seats and it can be transformed into flat platform for dance performance, dinner dances, and weddings or for the purpose of markets or even it has space for craft fairs.

Administratively it comes under the Hertfordshire. The police and fire department of the Hertfordshire looks after the town of Rickmansworth, and the ambulance service of east England caters any emergency needs of town. The dialing code of the town is 01923.

The town has many schools of various levels and these schools have maintained good standard of education. There are some primary level schools like St. John’s Catholic Primary School, St. Mary’s C of E Primary School, Shepherds primary school and others. Further, there are secondary level schools. Most famous school is Rickmansworth School and other includes St. Clement Danes School Royal Masonic School.


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