How to Improve Customer Experience in Banks

Today customer service is considered as the most important segment of any business to touch the taste of success. However, banks that are considered as one of the biggest service providers in the world are actually struggling in providing customer service in the right way. Well, the days are gone when banks were considered as an important part of their life whereas today it is regarded just as a utility.

Introduction of latest technologies and developments have the changed the complete look of the banks where today if you enter, will find many self-serviced machines and lesser human interaction. As per the surveys conducted by many companies, a huge percentage of people still like to visit their banks physically and would like to have human interactions rather than banging their head on a wall mounted machine.

There are a few aspects where banks can actually work out customer experience and improve the sales of their new products.

In-branch Experience

If a bank wants to improve the experience of a customer inside the branch then the first thing that should be taken care is the atmosphere inside the bank. There should be more people inside the branch to clarify the doubts of the customer rather than machines. Customers will be happy if the ambiance is relaxed so that they feel the confidence to discuss their finances in a casual manner.

Process Pace

One of the worst feedbacks that customers give about their experience in banks is the pace with which their requests are dealt. Even today most of the banks take too much time in the opening of new accounts or other facilities. When we have robust technologies using which we can complete these processes in just a few minutes then we should help our customers to have this experience. Today every industry is using latest technologies to process the request of the customers in the fastest possible way and banks should also do the same.

In The Reach

Today the trend with most of the banks is to close down their branches to cut down the operational costs and force customers to opt for online services. This has definitely helped many people to learn about online transactions that can save their effort. However, there are still many services that need people to visit the branches. Now, with restricted timings of operation, most of the people feel a lot of inconveniences. Banks should consider in operating branches the whole week so that people visiting the branches should not feel the inconvenience of standing in long queue.

Journey in the Branch

Most of the customers have given the feedback of having worst experiences where they have to meet different departments in the branch for some of their work. If the banks want to improve the customer experience then they have to ensure that information is shared between departments so that it can be conveyed to a customer from just one point of contact. If the banks can provide an end-to-end seamless journey to the customers then it would be best for their brand value. Let us just take an example of a mortgage process where the customer has to go through many channels that make it as a large transaction and the customer will feel satisfied if the number channels can be reduced.

Compete With Other Industries

Normally banking is the only sector that hesitates to accumulate latest technologies and innovations. This actually impacts the customer experience in a negative way. Every other industry is modifying their ways to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Banking sector should work on the aspect of appeasing consumer appetite.


Today most of the industries and business sectors are using social media platforms to connect with their customers and keep them updated about new launches or other promotional events. This whole thing actually helps in improving the customer experience. Most of the customer support is managed through social media platforms and banks should also have an active presence on social media platforms.

These are some of the sections where banks should look seriously if they want to provide pleasant customer experience and improve their business. We all know only happy customers can improve the business.


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