How to Properly Swing a Golf Club

One of the hardest parts of golf is learning to properly swing a golf club. Many people think that the harder you swing the harder the ball will go. This results in beginner golfers breaking golf clubs or destroying the dirt bellow the tee. With these tips you can learn how to swing the golf club properly and break an 80 score. Here are the basics.

No matter how many different swings you have seen taught the basics of swinging a golf club are all the same. To start your swing you need to know how to grip the club. Your hands should be as close together as possible while still feeling comfortable. Getting a grip that helps position your hands is a good option, even some of the pros use such a grip.

The second part to swinging a golf club is to perfect your posture. You start by flexing slightly at the knees and lean forward from the hips. This will place you at a 30 degree angle from the ball. For most people this will feel natural and even comfortable but there is a population for which this won’t feel right. You should be able to turn easily from that position.

When it comes to moving your arms you do not want to lock your arms. Make sure that your left arm stays straight while the right arm is bent. As you pull back keep the left arm straight. At the top of your swing your right elbow should point down at the ground.

As your club flows down towards the ball you need to keep your eyes on the ball. If your eyes leave the ball it will cause your golf club to move out of alignment. Once your club hits the ball don’t look up, you need to follow through with your swing. Your club should return to the forward apex of your front swing. Once the club has arrived at the top of the swing you can look up to see where the ball has gone.

Once you have mastered your golf swing you are ready to continue on to learning more about the game of golf. You can learn different types of swings and aiming better. From there you can move on to making trickier shots and further controlling your distance, and can you can play like a pro. Always learn every step from deep of your heart.


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