How to Thrive In a Tough Economy – 3 Powerful Tips to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

I want to talk to you and share some insights that will positively help you and your business thrive in a tough economy. I’m going to give you three simple, yet powerful tips that will help you keep your business moving forward when so many things appear to be telling you “it’s a wrap; shut down shop.” Don’t listen to them! After reading this article, you will know how to succeed in this very shaky and uncertain economy.

How To Thrive In A Tough Economy – Strategic Marketing

First of all, we need to address something that plagues most small business owners and that’s this ugly thing called FEAR! Fear will cause you to make some decisions that you really don’t have to make and do some things that can wait. Never make snap decisions based on fear, learn to wait, making drastic decisions could cost you much more than you anticipated. Using your marketing dollars wisely can do wonders for your business! Reminding you about using inbound marketing is one of the best ways to show you how to thrive in a tough economy. Look at the data below according to a HubSpot report on inbound marketing.

  • Inbound marketing-dominated organizations experience a 62% lower cost-per-lead than outbound marketing-dominated organizations. Businesses are responding by allocating a greater portion of their budget to inbound marketing.
  • 75% of those familiar with their business’ blogging efforts saying they are ‘useful,’ ‘important,’ or ‘critical’ to their business.
  • Small businesses are spending a 180% greater portion of their budgets on blogging/social media and 36% greater portion of their budgets on search engine optimization than businesses with 50 employees or more.

Marketing wisely is a great way to go if you really want to know how to thrive in a tough economy. Remember what I told you about the importance of inbound marketing? These numbers don’t lie!

How To Thrive In A Tough Economy – 21st Century’s Word of Mouth Marketing

I love to teach my small business owners how to thrive in a tough economy by using the 21st century’s word of mouth marketing-REVIEWS! I’m always talking about reputation management and how you can turn your customers into raving fans for your business by getting positive reviews regarding your business! is your friend if you know what you’re doing. And remember, claims to have around 3.2 million mobile users.

Learning how to thrive in a tough economy is easy if you just take the needed time to do the little things right! Remember, reputation management is a way of identifying what your customers are saying about you, your employees and your business. Look at what a Wall Street Journal article stated: 92% have more confidence in information found online than they do in anything from a salesclerk or other source. This includes reviews of products, services and businesses.

How To Thrive In A Tough Economy – Mobile Ready Marketing

I want to share some information taken from a study conducted by iCrossing, they asked people whether they expect sites that they visit frequently to have a dedicated mobile version, and 84% of people said yes. These people they asked are potential customers!

Having a mobile friendly website is an awesome example of how to thrive in a tough economy! I make it a point to tell my small business owners that their customers know how to use their mobile devices to provide useful information and how they frequently share any deals, sales, and specials with their friends. This is very helpful for the broadcasting of a campaign to target customers by word-of-mouth.

So let’s review, we don’t stop marketing, we just want to market our business wisely. Inbound marketing allows you to do just that. Having current and positive reviews about our business is like free advertising. And the great thing about Mobile Marketing is it literally puts whatever your message is, right in your customer’s hand. It is vital if you want to know how to thrive in a tough economy.


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