How You Can Use Technology to Improve Your Daily Life

Technology has changed so much since last century and all of us who live in this competitive age are forced to use it. How exactly can you fully utilise technology so that gain the maximum benefits from them?

Firstly, you probably want to learn how to type fast. Typing has become more than necessary for us in order to deliver a better quality work. You can learn typing by getting some typing software that allow you to improve your typing speed by going through sets of exercises and games. Set a timetable and stick to it. By practicing it for half an hour per day, you will become a typing master in no time! Learning to type fast will not only help you to finish your work faster but also boost your confidence to conquer the computer.

Secondly, you can start reading, watching and listening to the news online. News are constantly updated online and provide you “the edge” when it comes to getting the latest information. If you are only accustomed to read the newspaper every morning, you miss out to compete with the others that know how to use internet to find the latest information.

Thirdly, you can start use a spreadsheet program to schedule your time or organise all kinds of stuffs. You can use it to un-clutter you life by having different checklist on spreadsheets. After you learn the basics of spreadsheet programs, you can come up with more creative ways to use it in your daily life. You can even use a spreadsheet program to assist your weight loss plan. Use it to record your daily food intakes and you weight.

Build a solid foundation knowledge, you will find that all the programs upgrades is quite easy for you to understand. This is because the core foundation will not change. When it comes to learning new things, you want to take it one bite at a time. Don’t punish yourself if you can’t get it the first time. Don’t give up easily. If you don’t know how to even write an email, start by just register an account. If you don’t have a computer, start by using the computers in the public library. Be flexible with the approach but be firm with the intention when it comes to learning the new technology.


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