I Enjoy Being a Broke Former Member of the Middle Class

There’s nothing wrong with being broke. So many of us are now. It’s good to be humbled and brought down to the ground while those who did it to us bask and prosper in the glow of warm ocean climates. I am so sick and tired of hearing “…and the rich get richer.” Can’t we all just get over it? Where is the love? The dark knights of high finance and grotesque moral integrity got what they wanted: they screwed over the little guys like you and me, merrily stepping on our heads on their way to monetary nirvana. It’s the American Way.

The common man and woman don’t really deserve a bailout. They’re reserved for the high and mighty. You have to be too big to fail before you can cash in on that sham. And, my friends, we are low and pitiful, thus not worthy of any governmental help using our very own tax money. Stop the blame game. We probably deserve it for not being rich in the first place. We have no one to blame but ourselves. And, they got Bernie Madoff, didn’t they? What more do you want? Let’s not be greedy. That’s reserved for the high and almighty big boys.

We must take responsibility for our own malaise. Sure, we’ve bought lottery tickets and entered the Publisher’s Clearing House giveaways, but what good has that done? We needed to have been more proactive in the derivatives and subprime mortgage markets to have really stood a chance. We missed the big one.

We’re just woefully lacking in knowing how to stick it to the less fortunate in order to profit wildly as Wall Street and the Too-Big-To-Fail Banking Industry have. Again, accept your fate and lot in life, then move on, especially if you’ve lost your home. In that sad case, you’ll have to take “move on” literally.


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