Qivana – Is Rodney James the One?

Qivana is a newer MLM company that has thrown its hat into the health and wellness arena, which just surpassed the one hundred twelve billion dollar mark. In an industry that massive, there is always room for another start up. Qivana’s products are unique in the sense they concentrate on detoxing and cleansing the body first and foremost.

The philosophy there is, how can the body absorb the health benefits from the herb and mineral regimen, if it doesn’t have the ability to do so?

Rodney James is currently the Chief Sales Officer for Qivana. He is also one of the co-founders along with Derek Hall, Devin Glazier and Justin Banner. He has a B.S. in Finance from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. Rodney James basically has the responsibility to provide the marketing support to the Independent Business Owners, (IBO) at Qivana.

Rodney James succeeded as Director of Product Mktg for several years at Xango as well, prior to his stint with Qivana. He also enjoyed the title of Director of Mktg at V.M. Direct and director of sales at NuSkin, where he also realized great accomplishments with those companies.

The compensation plan he constructed at Qivana is designed with the newbie in mind as well as the seasoned MLM professional. Many of the tools and systems he utilizes is a direct reflection of prior successes at Xango and NuSkin.

Rodney James has ensured the Independent Business Owner at Qivana, access to cutting edge tools and modern marketing systems designed to help with team growth and support than with many traditional MLM companies. His philosophy seems to be based more on reaching realistic financial goals for each and every Independent Business Owner.

While holding former positions, he created marketing strategies specific for each company that experienced quick and massive growth, while also managing distributor networks directly. Qivana is fortunate to have a marketing visionary like Rodney James. His unparalleled discipline and steady hand when it comes to new systems and future marketing expansions makes him a top MLM marketer.

Rodney James and Qivana have positioned themselves to quickly climb to the top of the health and wellness MLM mountaintop. With Rodney James guiding the marketing wheel for Qivana, the ride may be a bit less bumpy for the newer MLM company.

When researching a new MLM opportunity, you always want to find out as much as possible. I was somewhat surprised to learn that Qivana promotes the family and friends methods of marketing foremost. There is certainly nothing wrong with that avenue, but only as a supplement to other online methods.

Anyone that is anyone online knows you must drive huge amounts of very targeted traffic to sites (that you own), and your blogs if you want to be successful in the long term.

Everyone runs out of friends, family and neighbors eventually.


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