Renault Clio 4 – More Mature And Sensible Than Ever

Renault Clio 4 – More Mature And Sensible Than Ever

The Clio dCi 90 is most likely to be the best selling model in the new Renault Clio line up. This new car gets the latest version of Renault’s tried and tested, 1.5 litre turbodiesel dCi engines. It comes with more torque, lower CO2 emissions and better economy than ever before. The 1.5 l direct injection engine churns out 89bhp at 4000rpm and 162lb at 1750rpm. CO2 emissions are down by 16g/km to 90g/km and the economy has increased too, which now stands at 83.1mpg.

That’s an improvement of 12.5mpg over the Clio3. Renault is not going to stop here with producing efficient engines and next year will see an ‘ECO’ version of the engine, which will produce the same power and torque but will give class leading economy and CO2 figures of 88.3 mpg and 83g/km. These figures will be achieved without any electrical assistance. A 7in touch screen infotainment system with sat-nav comes as standard and it is a very good package overall. The diesel engine used in the Clio 4 has always impressed with its drivability.

Clio 4 engine feels punchier then ever and it feels quicker than the acclaimed 0-62mph time of 11.9sec. It goes up to 2000rpm on the motorway. Clio also comes in a 0.9 lire three cylinder petrol engine. The 0.9 litre is engine with fun and character and the 1.5 l diesel engine is more mature and sensible engine. You notice it from the way it handles. Renault’s Clio 4 should be on top of your supermini shopping list as its initial range gives you a very clear choice: fun with litre three-cylinder petrol and drivability with the 1.5 diesel.

Both the cars offer a funky interior and characterful looks. The decision comes down to how many miles you are going to clock up as the diesel costs an extra £1100. The new Renault Clio dCi Dynamique has a price tag of £15,095 and a top speed of 112mph. The kerb weight is 1134 kg. Clio 4 is more economical than its predecessor and gives 83.1mpg. It comes with a 5-spd manual gearbox. The CO2 emission figure of 90g/km makes it a leading player in its class. Renault Clio is good fun if a little simple. It controls and handles well. It will feel slightly rigid on British roads. The Clio for sure is more agile and sporty than the Polo, stylish than the Fiesta and less boring than a Kia Rio.


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