Vietnam War – What Went Wrong?

The politics of war should be left in the hands of the military not the politicians. When engaged in battle the military leadership should have the ability to decide what are the proper actions to take for #1 to win and #2 to minimize our casualties. Its been proven time and time again when the politicians get involved with military decisions we suffer the loss of good men and women who serve our nation.

The Vietnam War (1964 to 1973) is a good example of politicians gone wild. Not only was this war botched by the political apparatus but it was our government that controlled the news media on what to report and what not to. Whether the war was something we should have gotten involved with or not is and never was the point in my estimation. The point was Americans, the youth of our nation who were put in harm’s way with their hands tied behind their backs. I guess that was considered politically correct not to use the power and might at our disposal against a smaller country or weaker country that we are at war with. That kind of thinking cost us over 300,000 wounded with over 58,000 killed in action and over 700 POWs ( just over 100 died in captivity).

The men and women who served during the Vietnam War deserve our respect and our gratitude. The sacrifices they had to live through not only having served in the war but just being a soldier when the military was not very popular in those days. The misreporting of atrocities propagated supposedly by American soldiers reflected upon all our military. Every war has atrocities that are carried out by both sides. This is a reality of war, it happened before Vietnam in other wars and still happens today. You never heard anything good about the actions of our service people over in Vietnam but there were plenty.

Our military did not lose the war in Vietnam. The fact is our military won every conflict and battle that it engaged in during that conflict. The politicians who wavered under public pressure resulting in tying the hands of our military leaders lost this political war.

Celebrate this Memorial Day and honor those fallen heroes of an unpopular war. If you know anyone that served their country during the Vietnam War whether stationed their or not show your appreciation for their devotion, their steadfast to stand with their country at a difficult time of our history. Visit and check their military clocks, military watches and military rings they offer at reasonable prices. They also have a Gifts4Her department for that special lady in your life.


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