7 Qualities Bank Jobs Recruiters Look For in Candidates

Bank jobs have always been considered to be safe and rewarding, from career standpoint. However, bank jobs are not for everyone; they do require a pre-determined skillset and certain traits in an individual’s personality. The crux of this article is to provide you with information and pointers that a bank job interviewer judges the candidates on, so that it helps you land with a bank job.

Indicators of Future performance: Bank jobs recruiters prefer candidates with a consistent academic record, strong GPAs and experience. As it is believed that records of past performance are the indicators of future performance, keeping this notion in mind recruiters look for those with a high performance record. Banks look for candidates with past performance records as they are fuller proof predictors of performance and so it tops their checklists.

Proactive actions: Being a customer facing role, recruiters look for candidates who are proactive and go that extra mile to solve a customer query and will not dissuade from answering a customer. Bankers work in a customer centric environment, where the customer is treated as a king. Thus, serving the king is of prime importance and a banker needs to provide services to its customers along with quick and speedy Redressal of complaints and queries of the customers. Recruiters look for candidates who can pro-actively; provide solutions and assistance to a customer pertaining to their needs with prompt and swift actions.

A constant learner: We live in a society where everything around us is dynamic and constantly evolves with time. As a banker one needs to be a learner for the entire lifetime and should not stop learning. Banking as a function brings in reforms and updations to the banking guidelines; and in order to keep up with the changes a banker needs to be on a constant curve of learning. The learning’s shall not be confined to the banking domain; keeping an eye on developments in the economy will help you become a sensitive banker I.e. A banker who is sensitive to the needs of a growing economy.

Analytical bent of mind: Risk management is the primary tasks that a banker does, which involves calculating and taking measures to de-rail any projected losses that a bank might have to go through. This makes it very essential for a banker to possess an analytical bent of mind, that helps in shaping the sound-ness of the banking sector. Analytical bent of mind helps bankers to analyze the financial background and capabilities of a customer, identify low yielding products such as loans, securities or bonds and optimum utilization of available financial assets to drive profits. Banking as a function involves high risk, and since all the banks are inter-linked somehow, failure of one banking institution will directly impact other banking institutions, this makes recruiters look for candidates who have advanced levels of analytical thinking so that they can project and avert losses.

Professionalism: Recruiters look for candidates who have a deeper sense of the professionalism. Professionalism means the ability to perform and remain committed to the core principles of the profession under the most challenging situations. Bank jobs being customer facing and customer oriented; leaves no other option with the recruiter to look for candidates who can be passionate about the needs of their cus-tomers as well as do not compromise on logic while solving their needs. Taking the right decisions under pressure and stress; without compromising on the principles of profession is one of the major concerns of a bank jobs recruiter.

Accountability: Since bankers deal with customer’s money, this is one of the most important trait for a bank job. Banks undergo audits, to scrutinize and verify the numbers to check financial frauds. And many of the financial frauds had been committed by bank employees in the past, banks look for candidates who are sincere, committed and trustworthy towards their job and society at large. Banks look for an accountable and reliable banker who can be the whistleblower and help the bank minimize financial frauds.

Hunger for growth: As a banker one needs to be hungry for growth, be it improving on communication skills, learning about new developments in the banking domain both at national and international levels. This is the only preparation one needs to do in order to apply for high paying bank jobs; which are a sure shot medium of growth in this domain. Hunger for growth, a motivational factor which will help you progress in your career in various stages.

Bank jobs demand, desire to learn, a deeper sense of professional ethics, an inquisitive mind, a strategic view along with qualities of humility and empathy, willingness to embrace practical experience and eagerness to learn and absorb new developments. If you think you posses all the above mentioned qualities or traits then start applying for bank jobs and witness unceasing growth in all aspects of your life.


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