Administering Justice by Righteousness and Truth

Administering justice only happens when the ruling authorities in a society abide by the standards of righteousness and truth.

Since the dawn of humanity, societies and nations have been characterized by the ruling authorities’ standards. When good rulers came into power, justice has been administered. When evil rulers came into power, justice has been compromised. When you look at ancient civilizations, this truth holds. And when you look at modern civilizations, this truth holds.

An appropriate example in recent times is the old USSR, Soviet Russia. From 1922 to 1991, the USSR was ruled by autocrats who used force and violence to subdue the freedoms of the people. It was an evil system, persecuting freedom and championing control. In that system, there was ongoing hunger, depression, violence, and general poverty. Worship of God was forbidden and often punished. Injustice everywhere.

Conversely, America has been built upon freedom of the individual, where the government exists to serve and protect the citizen. The results? Wealth, plenty, opportunity, and growth. And, most importantly, justice.

No, this does not mean the American society has always been consistent in administering justice. There have been, and will continue to be, perversions of justice at every level. But the overall, general nature of a nation’s justice system will be ruled by that nation’s commitment to righteousness and truth. America’s justice system was created upon those principles.

Compare the justice systems of America to communistic nations, such as Cuba. Compare the justice systems of the UK to countries such as Sudan, or Lebanon. There is a drastic difference because of the over-arching commitment of those societies to the foundations of justice, which are and will always be righteousness and truth.

Here is what the writer of Proverbs said about the miscarriage of justice:

“To show partiality to the wicked is not good, nor to thrust aside the righteous in judgment.” Proverbs 18:5

America is in a struggle for its life. The same forces of evil that overran communist Russia and resulted in the slaughter of millions are threatening America today. Our ruling authorities, the government, has been infiltrated at the highest levels by people who hate personal freedom, hate liberty, hate everything that made America a great nation, a place people could flee to from oppressive cultures. These communistic demons are on a mission to destroy the foundation of the most prosperous and free country on the planet.

The prosecution in the infamous Rittenhouse trial is a chilling example. Blaming the defendant as guilty for defending his life, while affording compassion and understanding for the convicted felons attacking him, they are hell-bent on destroying American liberties. But we know their plan. The real issue to them is not whether the defendant was justified in protecting himself or not, but rather how to use the case to build their narrative of disarming the American people. They clearly want to deprive Americans of the ability to protect themselves. This is all part of a much bigger objective to overtake our country.

We might lose some of the justice we as Americans have enjoyed since our founding. Some have already been taken. But if the people who love freedom and peace (the majority of our nation) will rise up together and stand on righteousness and truth, the genuine backbone of administering justice, and push back against these malevolent forces threatening our society, we will retain our freedoms. We must. America is the last hope of a free people in the world, and if America is lost, the world is lost.


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