Corporate Sports Team Building Events

Historically team building activities have usually been undertaken indoors with the boring old role plays and the traditional case studies. However there are many other unconventional ways to develop team spirit with your colleagues and subordinates. Healthy competition and a little sweat builds comradeship like nothing else. So why not explore the outdoors for your next team building day.

A Beach Olympic day can provide hours of fun. The activities that could be included are beach volleyball, a hundred meter sprint, beach soccer, a water relay or even a kayak league and much more. The teams can be split up into smaller groups and maximum involvement should be encouraged by giving bonus points for group involvement. Ensure that you stay safe in the sun by taking sunscreen, hats, beach umbrellas and drinks to ensure that all stay hydrated.

White water rafting is an adventure packed activity which encourages team building. This activity involves building trust as the teams are reliant on one another in an extreme situation. This sort of team activity suits those who have a love of adventure and adrenalin. It is not for the fearful and squeamish. As there is an element of risk in this sort of executive team building day, the company needs to make sure appropriate precautions are taken to maintain the safety of the staff.

Corporate triathlons are another way to build corporate morale and team spirit. It is an exciting way for those who are competitive to represent their organization against other companies. Staff can set up training groups to prepare and build their fitness and at the same time building rapport with one another. It should be supported by senior management as it allows people from all parts of the company to participate and get to know one another. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle, work life balance and shows that the company has a social responsibility and cares about their employees.

Executive adventure packed weekends complete with activities which include, paintball, clay shooting, mountain biking, skydiving, dirt bike riding, horse riding, hiking and much more are but another way of building team spirit and company morale. These weekends are exciting and give the employees the choice of activities to complete. Maximum participation should be encouraged. These suggested activities are excellent at building trust among staff. The challenges faced can also build strength and help individuals work toward outcomes. Team performance should be monitored feedback provided.

Whilst some of these adventure packed activities are not suitable for all staff of all workplaces, they are exciting, innovative and fun. Unconventional and dynamic, your employees will be experiencing something new and exciting. The last thing you want is for your staff to approach your next corporate team building day with cynicism and boredom. So challenge them with something new and try an outdoor or adventure packed day or weekend you staff won’t expect. They will be rejuvenated and inspired and appreciate your innovation.


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