Entrepreneurs’ Downtime – Causes and Solutions

My current mind status inspired this. A part of me wishes no one else would experience such.

The amount of time lost due to forces beyond your control is not associated with computers alone. As an entrepreneur, you would also experience moments when you wish to be free from thinking, organizing, operating, planning and/or managing. You just want freedom!



One of the most important things to consider in entrepreneurship is what you want to major on. Is it something you love doing or just something to make you rich? Entrepreneurship is not just about riches but rather, more of fulfillment – making some cash out of your hobby. If you’re into what you don’t love, your downtimes are likely to occur more often


A business is all about profit and loss, expecting profit solely is a wrong notion. Take every investment as a risk; it comes with profit, loss or neither. Be open-minded to accept whichever way it turns out. That’s the more reason why you need to take critical assessment of businesses before investing. Well, more loss, definitely more downtimes.


The well-being of the human body varies naturally. Health, as defined by WHO is not merely about disease or infirmity but rather a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. These health variations can also induce downtime



Engaging in any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness is a vital aspect of an entrepreneur’s lifestyle. It keeps the mind and body active and helps eradicate downtime

Rethink your purpose

Downtime could be a result of un-awareness of why you’re doing what you do. You need to ask yourself regularly, “why am I doing this?” to remind you of your purpose.

Adjust stressful schedules

Your stressful agendas need be trimmed to minimal, at least during the downtime period – from 10 meetings per week to 3 important ones. Remember you can always pick up your normal routine after a while. But if you push too hard, the fallout might be great

Take fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and veggies has several health benefits. They help maintain the body system.

Go get some!!!


Seven to nine hours of sleep is needed daily for every normal human. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep to avoid the law of KARMA meeting up with your body, trust me there’s always a price to pay.


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