Fluxus by Jeffrey Sebelia

If you love Project Runway and the designers, you probably would appreciate season three winner Jeffrey Sebelia and his work. What is he doing these days? He of course has a brand new gig as the head designer of the company called Fluxus.

If you don’t remember Sebelia, he was the tall, punky looking guy with tattoos around his neck. Sebelia was selected to compete as one of the final four contestants with the chance to display his collections at Fashion Week, where he was also the winner. While on the show, he had been portrayed as the third season’s “villain,” notorious for his explicit language and making fellow contestant Angela Keslar’s mother cry. Of course fellow contestants like Alison Kelly disputed this saying Sebelia was far nicer than the program’s editing indicated.

Sebalia was also noted on the show for speaking of his past years of drug addiction, suicide attempts and his redemption. During the show, he was constantly pulling pranks on the other contestants, was sometimes an arrogant winner and a sore loser. In the final episode his red sundress imprinted with small white apples stole the show. His collection was the most accomplished and varied in range. Before appearing on the show he was operating his own small but modestly successful label called Cosa Nostra. He was also selling to a handful of celebrities including Dave Navarro and Gwen Stefani. Friend of Sebalia, Santino Rice from Season 2, suggested Sebalia try out for the show.

Since the show, Sebalia’s designs for Flexus have stayed true to form leaning on the side of punky but also cutting edge. Fabrics are sharp and yet comfortable. Although amazing, the collection is staying on the affordable side ranging from $60 to $200 and for this price you can get everything from sheer striped tees and tanks to batwing dresses and cozy caplets.

Fluxus, spelled fLuXuS, was founded by Martin Paquette. The store company was founded in 2007 and its name and company is stated to being from an art movement that blurs the lines between genres. The art movement has been primarily influenced by the work of John Cage and Marcel DuChamp and influenced greatly by Yoko Ono, Beck and Ben. FLuXus is said to represent the blending and connecting of all aspects of art and life, intermingling different philosophies and cultures. There is life, there is art and in between is fashion.

The company has three locations which include Larchmont Village, Brentwood and Orange County. While the company is known for its knits, pulling Sebelia on board has not only given the company a financial boost but a new look of its own. The designer has helped the company expand upon its ideas. The spring 2010 line is the first official collection for fLuXus by Sebelia where one will find dark, edgy pieces that are still soft along with 50s American sportswear and military-inspired frocks.

All of fLuXus clothing line are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. Owner Martin Paquette said he doesn’t believe in outsourcing production due to the fact if he returned a product, by the time he got it back, the fashion trend would be over. The company states “Everything in our Los Angeles infrastructure is vertically integrated, from conceptualization and manufacturing to retail. FLuXus is committed to helping and working with local communities as well as facilitating social progress in the workplace to create a revolution in the apparel industry.”


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