Back to School Style For Boys

Boys will be boys and a long day at school usually involves a bit of rough and tumble, meaning school uniforms need to be tough and durable to stand up to the test. There’s no need to worry, however, as many school uniform items have been designed with this in mind and are tough enough to withstand even the most boisterous of boys!

You may have noticed trousers and shorts now come in a ‘Teflon coated’ option. Teflon is a clever, modern addition to the fabric which repels water and protects clothes from spills by making them stain resistant. This can come in incredibly handy as both trousers and shorts are classic uniform items that look fashionable and smart when teamed with shirts, jumpers and polo shirts for summer cool or extra warmth in winter.

Another intelligent feature of modern uniforms is adjustable waistbands. Elasticated inserts at the waists of trousers and shorts result in the perfect fit for growing lads and mean you don’t have to invest in yet another new pair before term finishes.

For all aspiring athletes there is an array of options, from comfy jogging trousers to cool shorts. Versatile and strong, you will find items designed for all sports activities so you can ensure your star players stay miles ahead on sports day. Remember sportswear can also be used after the school bell rings, whether for weekend football practice or holiday fun.

Sturdy shoes with added extras like scuff resistance will not only withstand the walk to school but protect feet from the perils of the playground. From skate trainers to slip on shoes all needs are catered for when it comes to shoe wear, so whether its skateboarding or smart dressing that schoolboys are into, you can be certain there is always a way to look smart and stylish at school.

Make Monday mornings easier by looking out for clothes with time saving features such as easy iron, non-iron and tumble-dry friendly. It’s even possible to find blazers that can be safely placed in the washing machine.

Another way to take the stress out of getting ready for term time is by shopping online. If dragging the kids round high street stores doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, perhaps a date with your computer is just the answer. With most retailers now offering their services via the internet, shopping for school is made easy – ordering and trying new uniforms on at home takes the sting out of school wear shopping.

If your boys school wear needs are quite specific be safe in the knowledge that most high street retailers now stock items in the classic school colors so you should never be stuck for choice with plenty of options to suit all uniform requirements.


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