Inculcation Values Through Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular values play a very significant role in inculcating different values in the students. For all-round development of personalities of the students co-curricular activities are considered to be very important now-a-days. Previously the term “extra-curricular activities” was used for outdoor activities and other cultural programmes organized in the school. But now-a-days this term has been discarded keeping in view the importance of these activities. In many progressive schools there is an allotment of certain periods for these co-curricular activities in their regular time table.

Through these activities, many values can be inculcated profitably. Co-curricular activities form an integral part of the modern school curriculum. They should be made more and more purposive and fruitful as well as value oriented with the democratic base and purposeful pursuit. This can be done, provided children have an opportunity of having living experience of moral life through these activities.

In programmes of outdoor activities, the children are taken out of the school to the areas of adventure, appreciation of art and culture and the places of historical values. They can be brought avenues in the training of initiative, team-work, self-discipline and learn much about our cultural heritage and historical details. Besides games and sports, there are several outdoor activities, namely, NCC, Scouting & Guiding, Mountaineering, Trekking, Excursion, Field trips etc., which may serve the purpose of inculcation of desired values among the students and formation of character.

Almost all the schools and colleges various festivals are organized at deterrent levels festivals may be classified into three heads:

1. National Festivals

2. Religious Festivals

3. Birth/Death anniversaries of great persons.

Besides these, there are so many occasions like Sports Day, Teachers’ Day, Parents’ day, Annual Day, UNO Day, etc., when some literary and cultural activities are carries out in the school. Through these activities, the qualities of leadership, self-discipline, co-operation, team-work, etc., can be easily developed. Through these activities, new dimension can be given to the personalities of the students.


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