Make Money Online in a Crappy Economy – Do it With Paid Online Surveys

Making money online is nothing new, but it’s also very oversimplified and heavily touted as the new “get rich quick” scheme. There is so much information online that claims to answer all of your financial problems that it’s hard to see the trees through the forest. That is to say, that there are plenty of scams out there, but if you look closely you will find hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make money legitimately online.

One very popular method is to make money taking surveys. While there are a ton of survey sites and companies out there, this has become a very lucrative and efficient way to make a little extra cash. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this will solve all of your financial problems, but you can most definitely make enough to pay a little extra towards your bills or take a few extra trips to the malls.

The advantages of paid online surveys are real and if you find a quality organization, you can be paid an average of $10 per survey. Some will pay more and some will pay less. Typically, you will find that most people who participate or get paid to take surveys are making around $10 – $40 per day. This would give you an extra $70 – $280 per week to spend on whatever you need. While that won’t pay off your mortgage, it will certainly loosen some of the financial burdens that are plaguing all of us.

Be ready to pay a little bit of money up front to get started. Some companies will charge you a one time minimal fee of roughly $30 – $40 to get started and others may want to charge you monthly. There are those that are “free”, but be careful of these as some find that getting paid on time is an issue and that there are some hidden fees that aren’t readily apparent.

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