Free and Cheap Stuff to Do at Walt Disney World

You can think of it as the difference between flying coach, business and economy class. There are different ways to visit Disney World as well. There’s no shame in skipping out on more expensive restaurants in favor of making your car payment on time. Your vacation should not have to blow your budget. Thankfully, Disney is mindful of that.

Head Downtown

With a variety of shops and restaurants, there’s enough going on at Downtown Disney to keep you busy and fed for at least a couple of days. There are free magic shows at Magic Masters, free live music at House of Blues’ Front Porch Bar, we well as at Raglan Road. Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop and the Earl of Sandwich will both have you fed for under $10. The nutritional value of a “meal” at Ghirardelli may be a bit questionable though!

A Reason to Celebrate

Celebration is a town that was literally planned by Disney. It has a small town feel and gives a feeling reminiscent of another time. It’s located about a ten-minute drive from Disney World. Lots of walking and fresh air activities abound. There are even planned events on Market Street, such as “snowing” on Celebration’s main street in the winter or car shows and craft fairs in the summer. There’s no shortage of restaurants or places to walk. There are nature trails and walking paths for those with itchy feet. It’ll also help you work off that sundae from Kilwans Ice Cream.

On the BoardWalk

Speaking of being reminiscent of another time, Disney’s BoardWalk is just that. Taking its cues from places like Coney Island, you just might feel like you’ve stepped back into the 40s. There’s a piano bar with dueling pianos, performance artists, carnival games and tons of vendors selling all of your favorite “fair fare.”

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures

You can simply take a walk around the resort hotels and find something fun to do. The All Star Resorts and Pop Century have extra large versions of some of your favorite characters, which make for excellent photos! Pop Century has 3 pools, which are themed along with the “decades” shown in the buildings’ designs: a bowling pin-shaped Bowling Pool, a flower-shaped Hippy Dippy Pool, and a monitor-shaped Computer Pool. If you’re interested in finding out more about a particular hotel, some of them offer tours that are free to any guest of the Disney resort.

Come Home With Change

All vacations can be expensive, and Disney is no exception. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank and can explore many different inexpensive activities as part of your Disney World vacation.


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