How To Write A Song Title

This article will teach you how to write a song title that is exceptional. While hit songs sometimes have bland titles or one word titles, unique titles have been common to some of the biggest hit songs in the history of music.

Having a title that grabs attention will help you break through the noise made by thousands of songwriters vying for attention from music industry professionals, and ultimately, listeners.

First comes the concept. What is this song going to be about? Often your own life will provide plenty of idea fuel. If not go to things you’ve read about on the Internet, news stories, books you’ve read, conversations you’ve had, movies you’ve seen. Even history provides song ideas, “The Wreck of The Edmond Fitzgerald” being a prime example. Choose an interesting aspect of any of those things and write about it.

If you choose a movie, for example, you probably don’t want to write about the movie itself, this is a song not a movie review. Choose a small slice of it, perhaps the strange relationship between the rock star hero and his ex-girlfriend, and write only about that. No one needs to know your idea came from a movie.

Note that movie titles are sometimes mentioned in songs. “Just like they did in Key Largo” is a line in a hit song, Key Largo being a movie.

Idea in mind, start brainstorming every word you can think of that relates to it. If the rock star was a control freak you’ll generate words like “domineering” and “stalker.” Write them down. Now it’s time to play with the best ones. Add a word or two to your listed words and employ various techniques.

Try alliteration: Secret Stalker. Silent Stalker? Soul Stalker? Hey random thought, Soul Stealer? That could work…

Try rhyme: Rocker Stalker

Try antonyms: Normally nice guys and stalking are mutually exclusive terms but in the movie the guy was nice when he wasn’t doing the stalking thing. The Nicest Stalker… or how about Nice Stalker? That gets attention, plus, it’s a twist of the common phrase “Nightstalker.”

Adding a time, a date, a phone number or a place is sure to set your title apart. Nine O’Clock Stalker. Atlanta Nice Stalker. 1-800 Stalker are all memorable.

There are other techniques you can use but just the ones above should give you enough song title-writing fuel to burn through your next several years of songwriting madness.


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