Starting a Lawn Care Business During a Recession

At a time when jobs are in short supply, starting a lawn care business may seem like an alternative to those who have been laid off or who cannot find work with reasonable compensation.

This article will offer advice to those thinking of starting a lawn care business during an economic slowdown and discuss the statement that lawn care is a recession proof industry.

To say that the lawn care industry is recession proof is partially true because households using the services of lawn care professionals usually have above average, disposable incomes and are therefore not hit so hard during tough economic times.

However the ‘middle class’ market still makes up a sizable component of the overall market for lawn care services and the middle class is known to cut spending considerably during recessions.

It is true that lawns still have to be mowed no matter how bad the economy gets. However it is still common to see some households cutting back on unessential expenses like lawn care and possibly taking care of it themselves or having lawn care contractors mow their lawns less frequently. The lawn care market is so big though that even during tough economic times there is still a solid base of customers who would never dream of mowing their own lawns.

For those having trouble finding work during a recession a lawn care business is a great way to earn an income to get by. If you start your business during or near the end of a recession you will be well position to expand when the economy starts to recover.

Potential businessmen are hesitant to invest money into a new venture during a recession and may have trouble getting capital together. However in the lawn care business start up costs for a small operation are low. A Lawn care business therefore represents an opportunity with less financial risk involved compared to other small businesses.

Try to evaluate economic conditions within the area that you intend to target your clients as opposed to nationally. Some areas feel a recession harder than others. It is a fact that households in some wealthier neighborhoods won’t make any changes to their spending habits during a recession and these are the kinds of areas that you want to target.

The latest economic crisis has seen no relief in oil prices and anyone wanting to enter the lawn care business should have a plan in place to be as efficient as possible with fuel consumption (for both equipment and vehicle requirements).

So far, during the current 2008 downturn lawn care has been surprisingly resilient to the reduction in overall consumer spending. If you proceed carefully and cautiously and don’t over invest then a lawn care business is one of the few businesses that you can consider starting during an economic downturn or recession.


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