Top 10 Cost Effective Small Business Marketing Tips

I was talking to a veteran marketing consultant the other day and I asked him quite cheekily for his top 10 low cost marketing tips. To my amazement he complied and rattled off the following answer. I grabbed a notebook and feverishly started writing.

Please note that this man has spent a lifetime reading and researching the marketing game and helping thousands of small business owners to institute their marketing strategies. He said the following were guaranteed to help business owners get more customers, increase sales and income and build wealth.

The 10 Tips

1. Make a list and work on your marketing activities each day

It does not matter whether you are planning activities and promotions, or actually implementing them. As long as you stick to your list of six or seven items and plug away at them religiously each day, you will achieve your goals. But don’t get stale. Periodically add two or three additional tactics to your strategy to freshen up your strategy and makes things fun.

2. Use buddy marketing to promote your business

Make a reciprocal arrangement with another similar or complementary business so that when you distribute brochures you include a leaflet, flyer, or business card of your buddy business. They do the same for you.

3. Advertise on your car its free

Order a pair of magnetic signs at your local sign shop. Include your business name, phone number, web site, and perhaps even a short blurb or special offer to build excitement.

4. When you are playing you should be working to promote your business

Remember, you are the best ambassador for your business. Wear t shirts printed with your company name on them. Wear them when you go bowling, play in a band, or go to your children’s baseball games. Hand out your business card to absolutely everyone you

5. Advertise in inexpensive local flyers

This is a low cast winner. Advertise in free sheets, brochures and leaflets distributed by sports club or sports event organizers, social clubs publicizing dances or other gatherings and even church communications. You never know who will see these little flyers.

6. Offer lottery tickets as incentives?

Lottery tickets are cheap but they have a million dollar cachet. Offer your customers a great incentive with a free ticket in the lottery.

7. Send candy in the mail and deliver cookies

People love anything sweet candy and cookies especially. Whenever you send a mailing or a package include candy.

8. Join your local chamber of commerce.

It sounds like a bore but this is a cheap and effective way to develop relationships, become involved in the community, build your contact and prospect list, and increase your knowledge.

9. Think about giving and not just taking

Approach every customer with the idea that you are there to help them really help them You should consider making the sale a secondary consideration. Its funny the sale will follow automatically

10. Marketing by walking around

You should walk around your neighborhood, talk to your existing customers and anyone else. Remember, they are your prospective customers. Word of mouth will start working for you.


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