Government Resume – What it is and Why You Need One

When you are trying to get a job at the government level you must of course have a government resume that displays all the information that a potential government employer would be looking for. Because the job is a government one, the requirements on the resume are going to differ to some degree from a regular resume. It is for this reason that having a well written government resume is essential if you are to get the government job you are after.

A good government resume will tell the potential employer about you but should be brief, quick, and to the point plus have all your experience be relevant to the position you are going after. When preparing your resume you should focus on the following:

o Job objective: Make sure to create a concise headline that tells what your career goal is. This should be accompanied by briefly giving one or two of your top qualifications.

o Summarize: At the top half of the resume is where you will want to focus on summarizing your strengths and qualifications. If you have any licenses or other qualifications that pertain to the government job you are applying for make sure they go down. Only include information that is relevant to the government job that you are trying to get.

o Highlight your accomplishments: Give a brief description of your abilities followed by a list of accomplishments. Again, make sure that everything is relevant to the position you seek.

What is very important when preparing your resume is to make sure that you adapt it to the specific job that you are trying to obtain. Make all your skills actually connect to your job history if possible. Doing so will make you appear better qualified for the job and thus will increase your chances of being hired.

Never misrepresent yourself. If you stretch the truth to try to make yourself look better, chances are you will get caught doing so as the government usually checks your story. Being honest and forthcoming about all the information you put into your government resume can go a long way in the hiring process.

Keep in mind that a government resumes is only similar to a regular resume. Unlike a regular resume, there are certain things that a government resume must contain in order to be considered for a government position whereas with a regular resume you are able to be more flexible and omit certain information if you want too. To make sure that you are including all the proper information on your government resume you must make sure to use the proper government resume format. Failure to use the proper format will usually lead to your resume being disqualified and dash your hopes of being hired.

Landing that government job you are after can only be accomplished by ensuring you have a well written resume. While you may be the best candidate for a government position, if your government resume does not clearly spell that out, you will simply be lost in the shuffle and someone else will get the government job of your dreams.


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