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Collecting autographed sports memorabilia can be fun and profitable! Fine art prints are one unique way to add to your collection of autographed memorabilia. Add a well known sports artist to the mix and your autographed piece becomes even more valuable. Sports artist Andy Goralski is one of a handful of nationally recognized artists who produce autographed fine art sports prints and originals.

Fine art prints, especially an autographed print, can be a great investment. Often the secondary market on a piece goes up in value and one can make a nice profit when re-selling a print. There is no guarantee that an athletes signature will ensure profit on the secondary market so caution is advised. Make sure you have an authentic autograph! Certificates of authenticity, getting a piece signed in your presence, a video or picture of the athlete signing is a sure way to have an authentic autograph. Purchasing officially licensed memorabilia usually guarantees authenticity as well. Artists often have their athlete signing sessions on video and include photographs of the athlete signing with the certificate of authenticity.

Limited editions are an important factor when purchasing fine art. A limited edition is signed by the artist and numbered 1/250 for example, that is one out of two hundred and fifty made. Artist proofs will be marked AP 1/10 as an example. Usually the lower the number of the edition the more valuable they will be in the secondary market and artist proofs are always more expensive. Many people wish to purchase the athletes jersey number but often the athlete themselves want that number out of the print edition. Numbers one and the athlete number are almost always more expensive in both the original sale and secondary market.

When storing your fine art prints take the proper precautions and your print will look good for many, many years. Hopefully you will have it framed professionally and you need not concern yourself with the intricacies of framing your fine art print. Should you attempt to frame it yourself make sure you use all acid free materials including the matte, tape and any backing required. Do not hang your print in direct sunlight even though most, if not all professional artists use state of the art printing techniques and UV inks and coatings. Direct sunlight is never recommended for artwork. If you are storing fine art prints, store them flat and away form excessive heat and humidity. Again, use acid free materials for storage.

You may have seen some fine art sports prints of Andy Goralski’s in a sports bar or restaurant near you or even in an airport lounge. His works depict athletes in their finest moments. Andy’s works are nationally recognized and can be seen in establishments across the country along with many other fine sports artists. His most recent work is a Prince Fielder piece titled ‘The Detonator’. Another hit by Goralski depicting this popular power hitter of the Milwaukee Brewers, Prince Fielder. Find out more about this print and the hidden numbers in the piece at


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