High Fiber Low Carb Diet – Essential to Healthy Weight Loss, Low Carb High Fiber Diets Are Healthy

Many people are following a high fiber, low carb diet without really knowing its benefits and how it works. What most of them believe is that fiber is good, carbs are bad. Though true to some extent, this statement is not really a hundred percent accurate because nutrients cannot simply be described as good or bad. Such a black and white approach to nutrition would not be fair for some nutrients. Like in the case of carbs for example. Carbs are not entirely bad. And remember, what we are advocating here is a high fiber, low-carb not a high fiber, no-carb diet. There is a whole world of difference between the two.

Carbs play an important part in many bodily processes particularly in as acting as fuel for the body. Without carbs, we would feel lethargic and even cranky. The thing to remember is not to eat too much carbohydrates especially if you don’t want to gain extra pounds. This is because extra carbohydrates, especially the starchy kind easily gets stored as fat in our bodies. Too much carbohydrates in the diet can also leads to illnesses such as diabetes.

What you need to eat more of is fiber-rich foods. Examples of fiber-rich foods include vegetables, oatmeal and oat bran and some fruits. Eating high fiber foods can aid in weight loss since it can make us feel full for a longer period of time. Fiber also acts as a detoxifying agent, ridding our system of toxins and stocked up waste matter. The recommended daily intake of fiber is between 25 to 40 grams. The normal diet of an average western man contains less than 5 grams of fiber.If you really want to lose weight and have a healthy and fit body, then you should consider a high fiber, low carb diet. For more information and resources on healthy dieting, Go Here [


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