King Toledo of Peru, vs El Perro (The Hero Dog) Poem and Commentary

King Toledo of Peru, vs. El Perro

[The Hero dog]

Here is my new poem on the Hero of Peru, I do hope the King of Peru, Toledo, does not get mad, for the new hero has taken his throne away for a few weeks, the spot light I mean. But before I give you the poem I shall simply update you: El Perro (the dog), who has a name, ‘Lay Fun,’ to my understanding, was a watchdog on duty, and he killed a robber. And to the public’s dismay, the government, and Toledo is the Government in Peru, wanted him crucified, but some group came up with money and lawyers, and saved the dog from his doom, destiny, to a national hero of the month status. This of course, took the focus off the King of Peru, which Toledo, whom is on TV 7/24 I think. I doubt Sipan got as much attention as this little fellow got; I’m not saying he’s a bad king, he is Inca, so I know better–save, I could be roasted alive for writing this. Plus, he does like freedom of speech, and Americans, a few attributes not plentiful in South America nowadays, so I give him credit, and applaud. But on the other hand, I think his spouse (whom is out of control most of the time) ran off with a bunch of mummies to Paris or London or some place to cash in before the king steps down in a few days from his throne. So, having said all this, here is my little poem, dedicated to King Toledo:

E Perro–the Hero [of Peru]

There is hero in Peru these days,

El Perro, ‘Lay fun’ they call him

(I think it’s a he)–He killed a

Robber, I hear say, and he went

On trial the other day, for dog

Slaughter they say.

The Republic of Peru, took

A stand, and lawyers saved his

Dog, hide from the man:

Now he’s the hero of Peru,

I thought this could only happen

In America, I was fooled.

#1396 7/24/2006


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